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Good to hear your voice
So nice to see your face
Thought I was going mad
Locked up in this place
Been whiling away the hours
Behind this wooden door
Praying for a change
Hoping for something more


Time flies
Time flies away

Catching up on life
Hearing all your news
Thankful for your company
Liking your point of view
It’s been far far too long
Between our face to face
In our busy schedules
Got to make some sharing space

It seems like yesterday
Meeting in our youth
Your smile lit up the sky
Your voice spoke ageless truth
Dancing in the moonlight
You bared your very soul
The stars looked upon us
They shared our common goals

Now to the future
To meeting up together
To lives filled with joy
May friendship last forever
To many more birthdays
To endless growth as friends
To caring for each other
Whatever’s round the bend



My latest song "No-one Wins". A comment on war. Listen or download as free mp3 at

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Metal rain sent through the sky
Massive crater, a child will die
Heart felt pain, parents weep
Nightmares lived without sleep
Don’t care who started this war
Don’t care why you two fought
A bigger picture to be seen
Stop this mad war machine

Talking’s better than taking life
War’s a dirty two edged knife
A bloody sick and blind war game
In the end you’re all the blame
There are no winners, no surprise
The injured win no special prize
Pain will haunt you, feeling bare
Make you live in deep despair

No-one wins – you don’t win
No-one wins – they don’t win


Blood in the mud of the village street
Hate in the heart of the marching feet


I kill you
You kill me
No-one wins



My latest song "Tell Me What You Want" available for listening or free mp3 download at An experiment in writing a song with one chord - Am7.

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Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Tell me what you want
That’ll make you pleased
(That’ll make me bleed)


Can’t read your mind
Don’t know your heart
Give me a hint
Of where to start
Doubting choice
Dawdling round
Can’t decide
Fumbling bound



Mark Tindall "ROCKLAND" (2012) - Free album download

My 2012 album "Rockland' is available to listen to in correct order or for free mp3 download. Follow the album cover artwork at

The title is taken from Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" with a double entendre.


01 - A Work In Progress
02 - Leave It Alone
03 - I'm Intrigued By You
04 - Don't You Dare
05 - Dreamtime (Talking To You)
06 - Falling Awake
07 - Change The Channel
08 - Topsy Turvy
09 - Get Me Outta Here
10 - Circular Argument (Words Fall Around)
11 - Pompous Claims (Of How Great Thou Art)
12 - John Butler Train
13 - You're A Little Bit Strange
14 - Don't Want To Be An Elvis / Beatle


Favourite Bible Verses

The vast majority of verses in the bible book of Numbers are NEVER mentioned in any sermon nor taken as a favourite bible verse.  One only has to look at the Top Verses Bible link and check -
The top verse from Numbers is Numbers 1:2  is ranked: 801 * (800 verses more popular)
"Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one." (NIV)

The lowest verse from Numbers is Numbers 7:62 rank: 31076 *(31075 verses more popular.  There are 31,102 verses in the bible.) "One gold dish weighing ten shekels, filled with incense" (NIV)

Compare this to ....

Top 10 Books
1. Ephesians
2. James
3. Titus
4. 1 John
5. 2 Peter
6. John
7. Philippians
8. Colossians
9. Romans
10. 1 Peter

Top 10 Chapters

1. 2 Peter 1
2. Psalm 1
3. John 2
4. James 4
5. Romans 12
6. Isaiah 53
7. John 3
8. Romans 1
9. James 1
10. Acts 1

One knows that one will hear these verses repeatedly in sermons and quoted by Christians though they make up a small percentrage of the bible.

I note that the very least quoted bible verse is 1 Chronicles 25:23 Rank: 31105
"The sixteenth to Hananiah, his sons and relatives, 12" (NIV)



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Sometimes truth is plainly blunt but sharper than a knife
Sometimes magic happens to you, changes your whole life


Topsy turvy, upside down
Keep your feet upon the ground

Sometimes it’s not who you know but what you know instead
Sometimes you’re just living life though you’re really dead

Sometimes what you have is really what you sorely lack
Sometimes wandering off is keeping to the beaten track

Sometimes beginning never stops and never has an end
Sometimes enemies turn around, become your closest friends

Sometimes truth is plainly blunt but sharper than a knife
Sometimes wisdom happens to you, changes your whole life


Questions for Christians with a "personal relationship" with Jesus

How do Christians have a "personal relationship" with Jesus and get to know Jesus? They read the bible.

Just how "personal" is this "relationship"? Some questions for Christians ...

What is the exact colour of Jesus' eyes and hair? Exactly how tall is Jesus and how much does he weigh? Does Jesus talk to you in an audible voice and tell you what to do? (Do you suffer from Schizophrenia?) Does Jesus communicate in intelligble ideas? (Such as giving you the cure for cancer. Have you asked Jesus to give you the cure for cancer? What did he say?) What language does Jesus speak ? (If Aramaic as the historical Jesus spoke, how do you understand and know Aramaic? If Jesus speaks English, and you have a personal relationship with Jesus, how and when did Jesus learn English?) Does Jesus come over to your place in the flesh and have a beer with you? (Since you have a "personal relationship" with Jesus you should know which beer he likes to drink. Which brand of beer does Jesus drink?) Does Jesus write personal correspondence addressed only to you and no-one else? Is it written by Jesus' own hand or does Jesus own a computer and has printed it off or sent it by email? (Since you have a personal relationship with Jesus does Jesus use IBM or a Mac? What is Jesus' personal email address?)

Can I, living in the 21st century, have a "personal relationship" with Julius Caesar (July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BCE) by reading his "Gallic Wars"? Just how "personal" would that relationship be? Would Julius Caesar have personally known me?




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Words fall around and around and hit the ground
Words fall around and around to the ground


You ask me what I think
What I like and what I drink
But it doesn’t really matter anymore
It’s a talkfest without goals
Run by apes without souls
Who jabber as they try to steal the floor

This one thinks he’s right
He loves a verbal fight
He likes to hear the sound of his own voice
She thinks she’s the one
With truth and smoking gun
But she’s just adding to the awful noise

He’ll tell you with no fear
All the things you want to hear
He’s doing all his usual dirty tricks
She’ll smile and cut your throat
Doesn’t think that you should vote
She’s a headache far too large to fix

I’ve really had enough
Of all this verbose stuff
Let me hide in the corner in the shade
Give me earplugs, save my ears
Give me peace as battle nears
Let their distant voices echo and fade


My latest song "You're A Little Bit Strange". Listen or download as free mp3

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You’re a little bit strange but that’s all right by me
I can’t cope with normal, it’s too hard to be

You’re a little bit weird but that’s just fine with me
I can’t cope standard, it’s too hard to be

You’re a little rebellious but that’s real good for me
I can’t be compliant, it’s too hard to be

You’re a little eccentric but that’s a buzz for me
I can’t be regular, it’s too hard to be

You’re quite unusual that’s just life for me
I can’t be usual, it’s too hard to be

Evidence for Adam's existence

That Jesus or Paul or the editors of the Genesis narrative (Elohist and Yahwist) may have believed that Adam existed is no proof that Adam actually existed in time and space history.

Assuming that fundamentalist Christians are correct and that Adam was created 4000 CE, then the "proof" they offer up for his existence is all hearsay written at least 3000 years after Adam's supposed  creation, Genesis 2  ( written 960 BCE - Elohist editor) and as late as 4000 years after his supposed creation, I Timothy ( written 100 - 150 CE - a forgery).

Thus the oral tradition about Adam must have survived 3000 to 4000 years completely unchanged to when the bible stories were written ...... and pigs might fly.




Oh Lord,

This service is so dull that I think I must be dead. But if it be, Lord, by your grace and favour, that I am not in fact dead - merely stunned into mind-numbing oblivion by the overall tedium, and general inconsequentiality of the proceedings - grant your servant this: grant that the Vicar becomes 'called up yonder'* to that 'place which you have prepared for him' right away ... if that not be too forward a request, of course.


* Note: For those whose theologies allow, "raptured" may be substituted here.

From Martin Wroe & Adrian Reith "101 Things to Do With a Dull Church: the Complete Guide For the Bored Again Christian" (Minstrel, Eastbourne, E. Sussex: 1989) pp 32-33.


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Shadows lengthen across the ground
Goodbye light, dark falls down
Snail trail cloud across the moon
Lone black dog sings a tune

CH: Get me outta here

Emptying out in Maitland town
Exodus time, closing down
Wandering tribes going home
Tall musician all alone


People don’t come
People escape
People escape

Maitland Mall silent bare
Sterile stores, no-one there
Soul deceased, heart is dead
Nothing worthwhile painting red

Molly Morgan’s Inn has gone
Nothing left where it once shone
Backs to the river, sacred Whites
Mindaribba mourning sites


FALLING AWAKE - Mark Tindall

My latest song "Falling Awake" - a rock interpretation of the practice of mindfulness. Listen or download as free mp3 at
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Falling awake with the brightness of mind
Falling awake in the fullness of time
Falling awake with the brightness of mind
Falling awake aware


Open to life, aware and there
Open to life aware

Train the puppy, steering thought
Awareness kindly caught



My latest song "John Butler Train" - a song about Phil Ochs. Listen or download as free mp3 at

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Follow me now, follow me close,
Follow my every step
My name is John Butler Train
(Don’t think that we have met)
Don’t you ever forget


Bipolar light and bottled mind
Smoking on the stage
Words woven deep in political threads
Wisdom of the sage

Hammer, knife or plain lead pipe
Or demon drink my friend
Farewell Dylan, Lennon and Co.
Going round the bend

Homeless street, without a cent
Tom, Sanders, manage me
Ochs is dead, I murdered him
Who wants to murder me

Look ahead , now look around
Play the song, sing out loud
While I live and die


Phi Ochs , where have you gone? John Butler Train

My name is John Butler Train


The Ground Of All Being & John Shelby Spong

The Ground of being deserves investigation.

It posits that God is the basis for the existence of all things but is not an existent thing Himself (Herself / Itself).  God is not A being (one among many beings) but that which makes all being possible.

What can be safely said about this non-existent Ground of all being?
- It does not exist in time or space
- It produced the singularity that led to the Big Bang

The historic existent Jesus of Nazareth cannot ever be this Ground of all being.

Does the polytheistic man-god Jesus exist?

If so then he cannot be the nonexistent Ground of all being.

Is the polytheistic man-god Jesus the non-existent Ground of all being?

Then the polytheistic man-god Jesus does not exist.

 It can only be one or the other.

The historical Jesus of Nzareth is a product of the Big Bang and existed in time and space in first century Palestine. There is no Jesus who exists outside of time and space who created everything, who is the "logos" who existed from before time, who created all things and holds all things together. That is the mythical pretend Christ of faith invented in subjective man-made Christian dogma who is on the same level as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.


From John Shelby Spong "A New Christianity For A New World" (HarperCollins: 2001)

The God of theism is so visibly dying that only by playing a game of denial and illusion - a game many play - can we contnue to maintain that this God is still real. That is the nature of the religious dilemma of our generation. p. 23

Theism, a definition of God that was born in the dawning of self-consciousness as a way of coping with the awareness of human vulnerability and human meninglessness, is today dying ... fundamentalist churches that traffic in a security they cannot possibly deliver. p. 33

.. when they jettisoned theism, they were jettisoning the primary image of the biblical God, which means that they were also jettisoning all aspects of biblioatry, including the perception of the Bible as our source of theistic revelation. p. 67

...definition of a non-theistic God ... God is being - the reality underlying everything that is. ... This God is not a supernatural entity who rides into time and space to rescue the distressed. This God is the Source of life, the Source of life, the Ground of Being. ... the God beyond theism - the God Tillich described as the God beyond the gods of men and women ... pp. 72-73

This God is not identified with doctrines, creeds, and traditions. .. Thids God can never be captured in words or made to serve our power-needs. This god is beyond everything. This God is unavoidable, inescapable, omnipresent. p. 74

If God is the Ground of Being, then my being is a part of this inescapable divine reality. p. 75

.. a post-theistic God, the God who is not a person but the source of that power that nurtures personhood, not a being but the Ground of Being, the source from which all being flows. ... The central issue is that: "God is not a person. God is not a being. God is Being itself." ... If God is not a being, supernatuiral in power, then Jesus cannot be the incarnation of that being. p. 240

If God is not a being, then no human hierarchy can claim to be the chosen receptor for this being's revelation, the guardian of this being's truth, or the dispenser of this being's grace. In that assertion all ecclesiastical power-claims disappear, feeding religious insecurity. p. 241


Larry Norman's "Baroquen Spirits" and my deconversion from Christianity

Larry Norman's "So Long Ago The Garden" cover with the original nude photo that showed his rude bits. His former wife Pamela states that she took the photograph and he was definitely in the nude.  The rude bits were not added by MGM as Larry later stated.

His song "Baroquen Spirits" off this album speaks to me of my deconversion from Christianity and helped me through many a lonely dark time.  Listen to it at

My comments on this song in *[...]


Waiting around since last night sitting in your garden chair

*[ In the garden like Van Morrison states in the song of the same name "Just you, me, the Father, the son and the holy ghost in the garden wet with rain".]

When you decide to come home I suppose I'll still be there

*[ I was always waiting for church to catch up to where I was. I always felt it was retarded in development. Empty promises of "deeper teaching" that never eventuated. My uni studies in philosophy helped me far more than any theology.]

Everything comes to the man waits for everything to come
But what can he do when the thing he wants the most he's farthest from

*[I was groomed to want acceptance by other Christians and the pastor.]

Yes I guess I see your point
Patience growing thin
How can you respect a man who needs you more than you need him

Baroquen spirits do you love me
Baroquen spirits I can't say
Baroquen spirits do you love me
Baroquen spirits I can't say

*[ Other Christians were always in a love / hate relationship with me. I was a trouble maker.]

Give me your love or let go but don't play with my affairs

*[ Other Christians were constantly interferring with my life.]

Kiss me goodbye or hello but don't take lightly what we share

* [ I was always treated as a spiritual inferior - the "lowest of the spiritual low" - for daring to question.]

What will I do if you tell me that you love me not at all
I'll charter a ship to the edge of the world and sail off

* [One at first wonders what is possible if Christianity is wrong. Then one's eyes are opened to the trillions of possibilities one never thought of as a Christian. Life is so much richer in every possible way.]


"DON'T WANT TO BE AN ELVIS / BEATLE" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "Don't Want To Be An Elvis / Beatle" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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Don’t want to be an Elvis
Don’t want to be a Beatle
Don’t want to be remembered
By a bunch of fickle people


Been on stage and under the light
Been in the wings and in the fight
Been on the road down the garden path
To the Tower of Babel on the day of wrath

Been upstaged and brought down low
Met the boss and the star of the show
First fame’s there and then it’s gone
You’re only remembered for your Number One


I am I am I am me
That’s all that I’m supposed to be

A bloody mess and a looking glass
Counting sounds in an hour glass
Lord, you know, you know it’s true
You gotta be, you gotta be you gotta be you

Coda: I am me


"A WORK IN PROGRESS" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "A Work In Progress" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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This is my time on earth
Growing since human birth
I’m all made of dirt
Shaped by love and hurt
Age made me who I am
No alternative plan

CH: I’m a work in progress
As if you hadn’t noticed

Music of mindful breath
Breathed from birth to death
Every wrinkle tells a story
Aiming for life and glory
Heat of passion fires my soul
Keeps me sane and makes me whole

Love running through my veins
Beneath the droll mundane
Visions dreamed in my sleep
Spirit diving in the deep
Walking through shadows and stones
Never feeling quite alone

Thousands of fires above
Millions of gifts in love
Star-eyed stranger amazed
Beauty abounds in gaze
The sun shines after the rain
There’s laughter after the pain

"FIND THE TREASURE"- Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "Find The Treasure" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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Search by walking
Search by sailing
Search by flying
Search by seeking
Find the treasure


Why are you waiting, what’s the delay?
Begin the adventure come what may
To know the truth, to touch the sky
To know the meaning and reason why
Find the treasure

There’s no map that leads you there
There’s no guide that tells you where
The gold is hidden, the wealth is deep
To find the prize don’t stop to sleep
Find the treasure



"As soon as you think of God, you need to put brackets around it because you're only thinking in your own terms and your own language.  I'm thinking in English.  My thinking is inadequate for something better expressed in Hindi.  You cannot think about God, you cannot have any knowledge of God but, at the same time, you have to, in order to cope with your personal religious needs. In fact, you cannot know God in any way because there is nothing you can say about God that is true."

Barbara Thiering in Samantha Trenoweth "The Future of God: Personal adventures in spirituality with thirteen of today's eminent thinkers" (Millenniun: 1995) pp. 176-177


"In Him we live and move and have our being"- Acts 17:28.

This states more about God for 21st century citizens than any bible verse or religious text. God cannot exist as all existence is predicated by time and space. If God exists then God must exist in time and space. Time and space then become greater than God for God is existent within them and reliant upon them. If God is existent within time and space then God must be limited by time and space and therefore finite. A finite God existing in time and space is exactly what Jesus is to Christians. Jesus is a very poor God - so inferior that he is able to be crucified and die. Both Jews and Muslims rightly reject any human being the infinite God.

If God is infinite then God cannot be Jesus and Jesus cannot be God. Jesus is finite. A finite God such as Jesus can be comprehended by finite minds. An infinite God cannot be comprehended by finite minds as no finite mind can fully comprehend the infinite.

Infinite is not merely "very big".

1. Having no boundaries or limits.
2. Immeasurably great or large; boundless ...
3. Mathematics
a. Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value.
b. Unlimited in spatial extent: a line of infinite length.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

a.  having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or magnitude
b.  (as noun; preceded by the) the infinite
2. extremely or immeasurably great or numerous ...
3. all-embracing, absolute, or total ...
4. (Mathematics) Maths
a.  having an unlimited number of digits, factors, terms, members, etc. ...
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998,  2000, 2003

Suppose all existence is a small fish in the ocean. The ocean it is the whole of the oceans in world all connected by arbitrary borders. There are not many different oceans but one whole ocean.  How much of this huge ocean can one fish explore in a lifetime? A very small percent. What about all the same species of fish that the fish belongs to? Again it is limited to a small area in comparison to the whole of the ocean.

If fish were able to describe the ocean what could one fish say about it? It could perhaps refer to the generations of other fish and their experience as well as its own experience. Has it been in every area of the ocean? Of course not. Neither has all its species. It's description of the ocean would be extremely limited.

How large is the ocean compared to the fish? It is beyond the ability of the fish to comprehend it.

The fish is completely dependent upon the ocean for its survival. It cannot exist outside on dry land outside that environment.

Can all the ocean be inside the small fish? If it is a usual small fish then it is utterly impossible.

This analogy is flawed for a number of reasons.

First, the fish does not have the ocean within every part of its body. An infinite God is within all of existence. (Panentheism.)

Secondly, the ocean is too small to depict an infinite God. If we retold the analogy with an ocean a billion times the current ocean of the world it would still be too small. A trillion billion tmes larger is still too small. Infinite is not just very large but so large that we cannot fathom it. A small fish in an ocean a trillion billion times larger than the earth's ocean is still a flawed incomplete analogy but approximates the idea of what existence is compared to an infinite God. All existence ( including all time and space) is so massively small compared to an infinite God that we cannot fathom it. An infinite God in comparison to existence (including all time and space) is so massively large that we cannot fathom it. In comparison we are each smaller than an atom of the fish in the ocean.

All statements about an infinite God are thus flawed because of the size of the infinite God and the size of the mind of the finite person making such statements. It is far more honest to speak of the Mystery that is God than to make definite pronouncements on such a small experience of an infinite God.

"No one knows for certain and so it's all the same to me.
I think I'll just let the mystery be
." - Iris Dement "Let The Mystery Be"

"Try to realize it's all within yourself
No-one else can make you change
And to see you're really only very small,
And life flows on within you and without you.
"- George Harrison "Within You And Without You"


Christianity and the 2011 Australian census

The Australian 2011 Census figures show a decline in Christian belief from 64% to 61% of our population. This goes along with the steady decline since 1901:

1901 96.1%
1911 95.9%
1921 96.9%
1933 86.4%
1947 88.0%
1954 89.4%
1961 88.3%
1966 88.2%
1971 86.2%
1976 78.6%
1981 76.4%
1986 73.0%
1991 74.0%
1996 70.9%
2001 68.0%
2006 63.9%
2011 61.1%

In just over a hundred years Christianity has lost 35% of the population in Australia. Obviously the Christian church is doing something wonderful to continue in this downward spiral.

The category of "No religion" is up from 18.7% (2006) to 22.3 %.

In a blow to Islamophobia the decline in Christianity (2.8%) was more than the percentage of Muslims in Australia (2.2%).


"DON'T YOU DARE" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "Don't You Dare" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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Hate your dirty tricks and your lying tongue
Your slimy deceit needs to be undone
You hide in the shadows, stab in the back
Your PR image is worn and cracked

Don’t you smear me
Don’t you cross me
Don’t you fight me
Don’t you dare

Can’t trust what you say, I hate what you do
If you were a target I’d throw my shoe
Smiling assassin, ignorant fool
Heartless bastard, crazed and cruel

Don’t call around, don’t drop in here
Don’t bring your stench and stinking fear
Crawl back to your darkened hole
Nothing you do will save your soul

Australian Christian Lobby & "True Christians"

I note that the Australian Christian Lobby states :
"- That 12.7 million, or 64% of Australians declared themselves as Christians in the 2006 ABS Census.
- That over 2 million Australians attend a place of worship every Sunday"

That means that a mere 10% of the Australian population attend a church weekly. Some the 64% who classified themselves as Christians name themselves as Christians because that is the religion they were brought up in. Most never attend church, don't read the bible, don't think much about their particular denomination or Jesus or God and don't adhere to the man-made dogmas of their denomination.

When Christians want to add people to their church denomination they have extremely strict rules as to who is acceptable and a "true Christian". When they want to lobby politicians to support their causes then they add any person who claims to be a Christian. Quite strange!


"RUNNING AWAY" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song, "Running Away" ( copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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I wanna
Run away
Fly away
Hide away
I wanna
Sail away
Float away
Drift away
I wanna
Walk away
Ease away
Leave today
I wanna
Run away
Fly away
Hide away

Forget my tasks and all my chores
Work to live, oh what a bore
Running away

Burn the bridges and abusers
Hang the preachers and confusers
Running away

Go and find somewhere to play
Learn to live and dream all day
Running away


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Church - Jesus social club

The church is a social club for Jesus where you pay to listen to a monologue, sing Jesus Jingles, attend brainwashing sessions and do free volunatry work for the Jesus social club. I left it many times till I finally wanted, and got, a divorce from Jesus. When you divorce Jesus and permanently leave the Jesus social club your fellow Jesus social club members no longer want to associate with you.



An indication how the oral tradition about the historic Jesus of Nazareth was passed down (and distorted) to eventually be recorded in the gospels.


John A T Robinson was a New Testament scholar, author and a former Anglican Bishop of Woolwich, England who died on 5th December 1983 at Cambridge. These are words stated during his last supper. Feel free to add your bit to this oral history handed down to me by someone who knew somone who knew someone who said that his great uncle's best friend's daugher had heard her mother's aunt state that she had heard the man outside of Hoyts say these exact words. It is therefore a very reliable source. ...


On the evening of 4th December 1983 John A T Robinson stated:

Look at all my trials and tribulations
Sinking in a gentle pool of wine
Don't disturb me now I'm reading my bible
Till this evening is this morning life is fine

Always hoped that I'd be a bible scholar
Knew that I would make it if I tried
Then when I retire I could write my books
So they'll still talk about me when I've died

For all I care this wine could be my blood
For all I care this bread could be my body
If you would remember me when you eat and drink . . .
I must be mad thinking I'll be remembered - yes
I must be out of my head!
Look at your blank faces! My name will mean nothing
Ten minutes after I'm dead!
One of you misquotes me
One of you reinterprets me

What's that in the bread it's gone to my head
Till this evening is this morning life is fine

Will no-one stay awake with me?
Wade? Gladys? Jesus?


"I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song, "I Love Rock And Roll" ( copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be downloaded as a free mp3 at

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I like other music but I really love rock and roll
Listen to the beat let the feeling take a hold
Feels so right like the sharp blade of a knife
It shines so bright like a missile launched in the night
I like other music but I really love rock and roll


I like rock and roll and so I say, I like rock and roll
I like rock and roll and so I play, I like rock and roll

I like other music but I really love rock and roll
Listen to the tune let the feeling take a hold
It’s nice and tight like you’re cornered in a fight
It feeds on night like a vampire in full flight
I like other music but I really love rock and roll

I like other music but I really love rock and roll
Listen to the beat let the feeling take a hold
Feels so right like the sharp blade of a knife
It feeds on night like a vampire in full flight
I like other music but I really love rock and roll


Janis Joplin "Mary Jane"

 Bessie Smith

Janis Joplin

Link to song by Janis Joplin "Mary Jane"  A standard 12 bar blues.

Janis Joplin sang "Mary Jane" before she was famous. The song is credited as being a cover of a Bessie Smith song. That is obviously incorrect.

The usual lyrics stated for the second verse are:
"Oh if a man should look tame now, mean and mature,
They all turn out the same."

The real lyrics are:
"Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe
They all turn out the same"

Bessie Smith died in 1937 so could not have possibly referenced Elizabeth Taylor (born 1932) and Marilyn Monroe (born 1926) who were not famous at te time of Bessie Smith's death.


Now when I go to work, I work all day,
Always turns out the same.
When I bring home my hard-earned pay
I spend my money all on Mary Jane.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Lord, my Mary Jane.

Oh, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe
They all turn out the same.
'cause they can't do nothing to make a man feel good
Like my old Mary Jane.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Lord, my Mary Jane.

Now I walk down the street and I look for a friend
One that can lend me some change.
And he never questions my reason why,
'cause he too loves Mary Jane.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Lord, my Mary Jane.

Well, I have known women that wanted no man,
Some that I wanted to play.
But I never knew what happened in this world
Till I met up with Mary Jane,
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Lord, my Mary Jane.

Oh, when I'm feelin' lonesome and I'm feelin' blue,
There's only one way to change.
Now I walk down the street now lookin' for that man,
One that knows my Mary Jane,
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Lord, my Mary Jane.


The Jesus Cosmological Argument

The Jesus Cosmological Argument

1. Everything that begins to exist has a cause of its existence.
2. The historic Jesus of Nazareth began to exist as a fertilised egg inside his mother Mary.
3. Therefore, Jesus has a cause of his existence.

If God were not infinite, independent and self-existent, He would not be God.

Jesus is not infinite, independent and self-existent but finite, dependent upon air, nutrition and safety from harm and ceated by the fertilisation of a human egg.

Jesus is therefore not God.



My latest song, "I'm Intrigued By You" which may be downloaded as a free mp3 at

Like my Facebook Muscian page at​pages/Mark-Tindall/​125474904180434 and get more
updates and information.


World is mine, choose my wish
Eating feast from poisoned dish
Mellow love with moonlight kiss
Starlit galaxy, serpent hiss


I’m intrigued by you

Left here bleeding, lack of care
Wash my tears with your hair
Time grows old, tempting fate
Help me grow for goodness sake

‘Neath the darkened hidden moon
Clouded wind, silver spoon
Desiring gaze, longing look
Apple eaten, caught by hook

Wade the depths of my heart
Unite and blend, don’t tear apart
Soul emotion adoring still
What is empty needs to fill

Unique gift, new surprise
Reflecting life, opening eyes
Beyond knowing you are here
Close as breath, heartbeat clear

Look to sky and look within
Look to future not to sin
Fascinating yet I fear
Oh no, don’t get too near

First Abolish The Customer: 202 Arguments Against Economic Ratonalism

From Bob Ellis "First Abolish The Customer: 202 Arguments Against Economic Rationalism" (Penguin:1998)

... a belief all economic rationalists share - that this decisive, sudden process of sacking people is good for society, or good for the society as a whole. By sacking people in their hundreds of thousands, the theory at its heart asserts, you create employment and stimulate spending. p.4

Land mines, not coal mines.
Land mines make more money. p.20

To compete with slaves we must become slaves ourselves, or something very close to slaves. p.35

An economic rationalist would have sacked Michelangelo ...Joern Utzon ... Charlie Chaplin ... Orson Welles ... J R R Tolkien. pp.42-44

Economic rationalism as a system and democracy as a system are incompatible, ultimately incompatible. And one of them has to go. p.47

The greed of a few hundred thousand shareholders now outweighs ... the need and suffering of five billion ordinary people, with rent to pay, and children to clothe and send to school. ... Some people are as disposable as Kleenex. pp.68-69

For competitive wages read slave wages. p.70

One man's profit is another man's loss. p.72

'The foremost problem now facing a modern economy, ' said Syd Hickman ...' is what do you do with the dumb blokes?' p.88

... why any company's profits should be, theoretically, limitless. Why they cannot, like wages, be pegged. p.92

If it is permissible for human beings to harass and humiliate and ruin other human beings in the name of profit, and to do so without let or fine or hindrance, then it is not a democratic system we are talking of, it is a tyranny. pp. 100-101

If a government can make laws hindering the sale of heroin and tobacco merely because they ruin lives and sometimes ends them, why - as a matter of philosophical debate - cannot they make laws that hinder the evils of economic rationalism? it also ruins lives, and ends them. pp.135-136

[Economic rationalists] will buy up the Apple Corporation and sell of its component songs to Michael Jackson for millions. But they would have never bought Paul McCartney his first guitar. p.150

John Ralston Saul in ... The Unconscious Civilization, reports how employees who have narrowly survived the sack that extinguished their workmates and friends become, as a rule, very nervous, and haggard, and overworked, and uncreative. p. 154

Orwell's Animal Farm ... 'All men are equal, but some are more equal than others.' p.162

One man's surplus is another man's deficit. p. 163

There is always an alternative. p.180

Homer Simpson's words, 'Who, whom? Who benefits, Marge?' p.205

Expendable as Kleenex. This is the matter of which we dare not speak, and now it is said. p.209


Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Rhoda Hahn (Psychiatrist) gives expert video advice on: What are the signs of narcissistic personality disorder?; What are the causes of narcissistic personality disorder?; What are the treatments for narcissistic personality disorder? and more...

What is "narcissistic personality disorder"?

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by patients with, who display grandiosity, envy and an inability to have empathy or, you know, put themselves in another person's shoes. You know, be able to imagine what another person might feel like. Despite all of their crowing about themselves and always tooting their own horn, the underlying dynamic of narcissistic personality disorder is someone with very poor self-esteem. So the person that the narcissist is trying to convince how wonderful they are isn't necessarily all the rest of us. It's them.

What are the signs of narcissistic personality disorder?

A person with narcissistic personality disorder is an individual who will display an over-inflated sense of themselves, and their accomplishments, and they will be completely floored when other people don't see them in that same light. They have a constant need for admiration ... need constant admiration; it all needs to be positive, all the time. They will feel that they are incredibly special and they can only interact with other people who are equally special. People with narcissistic personality disorder will only get into social settings if they feel like they will gain from them. ... Now, while people with narcissistic personality disorder are off and running around tooting their own horn, I think one of the reasons that they have so much social dysfunction, and why other people tend to dislike them intensely, is not so much because they're constantly bragging about themselves (although in fact it is irritating), but because I think implied in all of that bragging about themselves is a very thinly veiled devaluation of whatever it is you're doing. So, it's not only, 'I'm so great,' but there is an implied 'and you're not' which tends to upset people, and make you not very popular. ..                   


What are the dangers of narcissistic personality disorder?

The danger of narcissistic personality disorder is basically having everyone that you come into contact with hate your guts. It's very difficult to like these individuals. As I mentioned before, one of the problems is that despite the fact they are always tooting their own horn, which gets tiresome in and of itself, is that there is a very thinly veiled evaluation of you. It's "I'm so great and you're not," which people get pretty angry about. I think that people with narcissistic personality disorder are often very exploitive and will take advantage of you if they think they can get something out of it. ...



This explains recent events and so many obnoxious people whom I have met.



Jesus' post-death re-appearing trick

Jesus did whole lot of appearing and disappearing (sort of like a magic act) after his death till he finally flew through the sky like Superman to heaven somewhere out in the blue. (Luke 24:1-51, Mark 16:9-19, John 20:26, Acts 1:2-3, 9 )

Before he ascended Jesus supposedly appeared to:

- Mary Magdalene, early Sunday morning. (Mark 16:9; John 20:10-18).
- The women returning from the tomb. (Matthew 28:9-10).
-  Two disciples on the road to Emmaus. (Luke 24:13-32; Mark 16:12-13).
- Peter in Jerusalem. (Luke 24:34; 1 Corinthians 15:5).
- His disciples and other followers, and also a second time to the two men from Emmaus, in a locked room in Jerusalem. The apostle Thomas wasn't there at that time. (Luke 24:36-43; John 20:19-23).
- His disciples behind locked doors, and this time Thomas was present. (John 20:24-29).
- Seven of his disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. (John 21:1-24).
- 500 believers at one time. (1 Corinthians 15:6).
- James. (1 Corinthians 15:7).
- Eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee. (Matt. 28:18-20).
- Disciples along the road to Bethany, on the Mount of Olives. (Luke 24:50-53).

What was Jesus doing when he wasn't appearing? He had not yet "ascended" and flown through the sky like Superman to sit at the right hand of God in heaven. ("Beam me up, Scotty!")  Where did he get his clothes from as his grave clothes were found in the burial cave (John 20:5)? How could his clothes pass through walls? Did Jesus eat and sleep during this time? Did he go to the toilet? Did he bathe? Who did his washing? Was he walking around like the Invisible Man?

So many questions. So few answers.


Hell - infinite punishment for finite sins.

All finite humans have finite lifespans in which they do finite acts. The Christian notion of sin is a finite act. Hell, however, is infinite punishment for finite sins. No finite sin warrants an infinite punishment.


The failed AUSCAS Logo Competition

At an AUSCAS Committee Meeting on 14 March 2012 I asked Meg Wallace what I should tell people who asked me about the failed AUSCAS international Logo Competition for which her husband and academic, Max Wallace, was Publicity Officer. She told me, "The truth." I am therefore telling the truth here.

At the same Committee meeting, in which former President Ralph Seccombe presented a motion for a special meeting to close AUSCAS, I asked Ralph Seccombe if they were planning to start up a new similar group. He stated "not immediately". Apparantly "not immediately" meant waiting 9 days after the vote to close AUSCAS (10th April 2012). At that time (19th April 2012) AUSCAS was rebirthed on Facebook. (See information below.)

The application for the cancelling of the original AUSCAS as an incorporated association was accepted by NSW Fair Trading. It became effective as of 8th June 2012 as announced in the NSW Government Gazette.

What was AUSCAS?  It was Australians United for the Separation of Church and State with the following Aims and Objectives.

Aims & Objectives
We, the members of Australians United for the Separation of Church and State, view Section 116 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia,
Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion
The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth
as the basis of our efforts to secure a secular state, in which all governments within the Commonwealth neither favour nor disfavour any belief system, thus providing an environment in which all beliefs, religious or otherwise, can co-exist. It is our goal to ensure that Section 116 is recognised and observed both legally and in practice throughout the Commonwealth as meaning strict separation of church and state.

Accordingly we neither favour nor disfavour any belief system.
Aims & Objectives
As per Section 3 of the AUSCAS Constitution:
3. Aims and Objectives
(a) To promote secularism, meaning the equality of institutions—religious and non-religious—in the state of Australia, to be advanced by the separation of religious institutions from the state
(b) To promote human rights, including free speech and the avoidance of discrimination in state-funded activities
(c) In particular, to insist that neither the state nor any emanation of the state express any religious beliefs or preferences or engage in or fund or otherwise support religious activities or practice
(d) To support the right of children to free, secular education
(e) To advance the above aims by appropriate means including:
- holding meetings, seminars and conferences
- publishing articles
- disseminating information and opinion including via internet or broadcast
- sponsorship via donations and prizes
- responding to enquiries from the public and the media
(f) To foster links with similar organisations in Australia and abroad

The AUSCAS Logo Competition was found at 
——— and WIN ! ———
AUSCAS is kicking off 2012 by holding a competition!

We’re calling on all you creative designer types with a leaning toward fairness
for all Australians, to create a new logo for our organisation.

The WINNER of our competition gets copies of both of these enlightening books…

</> <><></>

The Purple Economy by Max Wallace

Realising Secularism: Australia and New Zealand
…each signed personally by the author, Max Wallace…
—– PLUS —–
Lifetime Membership to AUSCAS !

(to 30th July, 2013).
But hurry! Entries close Saturday, 10th March, 2012.

(After the 10th April 2012 all links to AUSCAS will be removed as AUSCAS folded by a vote of 9 to 3 on that date.)

The new AUSCAS logo was supposed to be on a banner at the Global Atheist Convention, Melbourne, beginning 13th April 2012 at a table set aside for AUSCAS and shared with another organistion.

Former AUSCAS Publicity Officer, Max Wallace, repeatedly told AUSCAS that he was co-writing Leslie Cannold's address at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne and that she would be mentioning AUSCAS in this address several times. He also told AUSCAS that this should gain many members for AUSCAS. It is mentioned in Leslie Cannold's overheads on page 19. I quote: "What can we do? Today • Like Australian United for Separation of Church & State" (Found in Separating Church & State - A Call to Action! document at )

Backing this up a comment on

I quote from that site: "Lesley Cannold educated us with a comparative history of the united states against Australia, and how we fare with the separation of church and state. Not as great. ... Here are the ways suggested to help out LIKE Australians United for Separation of Church and State on Facebook."

Again information about this at

I quote: "Some things that WE can do immediately, says Leslie is: Go to Facebook and ‘Like’ Australians United for Separation of Church and State."

The membership of AUSCAS, a year after its formation, was 23 people. Max Wallace's Australia New Zealand Secular Association (ANZSA) seems to have been formed as an organistaion to publish Max's two self-published books and apparently consisted of one person, Max Wallace, the Director. According to hs profile on Max Wallace completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Masters degree in Sociology at the University of Waikato. There is no mention of a PhD.  His book "The Purple Economy" and and mention that Max Wallace has a PhD. states that Max's PhD is from Macquarie University.

The former AUSCAS Publicity Officer, Max Wallace, failed to get a single entry for the international Logo Competition. He told AUSCAS Committeee members that he thought merely having the competition mentioned on the webpage and blog was sufficient. When it was apparent that the AUSCAS Logo Competition was going to fail Max & Meg Wallace decided that they would design a logo themselves as it could be "easily done on the back of a napkin".  Though told that a logo was an icon or symbol they instead came up with a nameplate of "AU" plagiarised from the logo of the American's United For the Separation of Church and state (found at ) The black font contained a 7 pointed red star that looked similar to the NAB logo on the "A" (without the two parallel black stripes on the far right point - see ) and the Southern Cross from the New Zealand flag on the letter "U" (see ).

After being confronted with the failure of the AUSCAS Logo Competition Max Wallace resigned from the AUSCAS Committee.  There was a special meeting that dissolved AUSCAS held on 10 April 2012 that was approved by Max Wallace, his wife Meg and the President of AUSCAS, Ralph Seccombe.  Ralph Seccombe wrote:" I consider that AUSCAS, which was founded with Max and Meg, two leaders in the field of the separation of church and state, has lost much of its raison d’ĂȘtre with their intention to resign from leadership positions."

Quite strange. It was never explicitly mentioned that Max and Meg Wallace were central to AUSCAS. Max and Meg Wallace are not mentioned in the AUSCAS Constitution, Aims or Objectives.

According to Ralph Seccombe has BA (Hons) Melbourne and Cambridge" and "Experience: Production and editing of documents for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the United Nations, Lifeline and magazines."

There was talk by one of the ex-members of AUSCAS  that they were starting a new and similar group "by invitation only".   This seems to be what they have done while AUSCAS was being officially shut down. See the new Facebook AUSCAS group at!/groups/AUSCAS/  As of 25th April 2012 29 people are in this group. Some of the first people were added on Thursday 19th April 2012 by former AUSCAS President Ralph Seccombe. The page states:


"Who we are (that's ymail with a y)

PO Box 554 Milsons Point NSW 1565

Australians United for Separation of Church and State–AUSCAS™–aims:
(a) To promote secularism, meaning the equality of institutions—religious and non-religious—in the state of Australia, to be advanced by the separation of religious institutions from the state
(b) To promote human rights, including free speech and the avoidance of discrimination in state-funded activities
(c) In particular, to insist that neither the state nor any emanation of the state express any religious beliefs or preferences or engage in or fund or otherwise support religious activities or practice
(d) To support the right of children to free, secular education

AUSCAS neither favours nor disfavours any belief system.


Max Wallace's ANZSA address is PO Box 554 Milsons Point NSW 1565.  The creator of the Facebook group is Ralph Seccombe. The Administrators of this Facebook page are Meg Wallace and Ralph Seccombe.

At the AUSCAS special meeting of  Tuesday 10th April 2012, Meg Wallace stated that there had been "serious personal attack" on Max Wallace but that legal action was "deferred".

It has come to my notice that words from my personal emails have been sent to third parties, without my knowledge and without my consent, which have spoilt my good reputation, which made people want to avoid me and which hurts me in my work and profession.  Legal action is deferred.

Meg Wallace (seated) and Max Wallace.


No-one requires a firearm in a city except law enforcement. Australia has strict gun laws and as a result a dramatically smaller death rate death-rate per 100,000 population in one year from guns than the USA.


Number of Deaths Due to Injury by Firearms per 100,000 Population, 2008

Total USA = 10.3



By 2002/03, Australia's rate of 0.27 firearm-related homicides per 100,000 population had dropped to one-fifteenth that of the United States.



The Australian report has more to say .....


The risk of dying by gunshot has halved since Australia destroyed 700,000 privately owned firearms, according to a new study published today in the international research journal, Injury Prevention.


"From 1996 to 2003, the total number of gun deaths each year fell from 521 to 289, suggesting that the removal of more than 700,000 guns was associated with a faster declining rate of gun suicide and gun homicide," said Adjunct Associate Professor Philip Alpers, also from the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. "This was a milestone public health and safety issue, driven by an overwhelming swing in public opinion, and promptly delivered by governments."

After 112 people were shot dead in 11 mass shootings* in a decade, Australia collected and destroyed categories of firearms designed to kill many people quickly. ...

"On top of that, and despite the new gun laws not being designed to reduce gun suicide, domestic shootings, and the much less common 'stranger danger' individual gun homicides, firearm fatalities in the three largest categories - total firearm deaths, firearm homicides and firearm suicides - all at least doubled their previous rates of decline following the revised firearm legislation."

While the rates per 100,000 of total firearm deaths, firearm suicides and firearm homicides were already reducing by an average of 3 per cent each year until 1996, these average rates of decline doubled to 6 per centeach year (total gun death), and more than doubled to 7.4 per cent(gun suicide) and 7.5 per centeach year (gun homicide) following the introduction of new gun laws.

By 2002/03, Australia's rate of 0.27 firearm-related homicides per 100,000 population had dropped to one-fifteenth that of the United States.

The authors conclude that "The Australian example provides evidence that removing large numbers of firearms from a community can be associated with a sudden and on-going decline in mass shootings, and accelerating declines in total firearm-related deaths, firearm homicides and firearm suicides."



The bible is a poor moral standard

Chrisians wish to place a man-made fallible bible as their moral standard and enforce that arbitrary standard on all other human beings.

The bible itself never states that it should be the moral standard for Christians and never states that the whole bible is "God's Word". All such pronouncements are man-made dogmas.

The bible is full of contradictions and errors and is thus a very poor moral standard.

The choice of the bible as a moral standard is arbitrary. Jesus never states that some bible to be complied after his death is a moral standard to be followed for all time. Some of the moral standards within the bible are evil by today's legal standards. For example, slavery is condoned in both Old and New Testamnents. 

Moral standards within the bible have also changed over time. In Old Testament times was permissable to have mulitple wives and concubines. The New Testament states that one shoud only have one wife and no concubines.

Punishments for breaking the moral code in the bible have also changed. In the Old Testament many of the punishment for breaking a moral code was death - Leviticus 20:9, Exodus 21:17.

Genocide an mass murder of children is condoned in the bible in Genesis 6:5-9; Deuteronomy 7:1-2; Joshua 6:21; Joshua 10:40-41,

Joshua 8:24 - City of Ai
Joshua 10:26 - Joshua murdered five defenseless kings of the Amorites in cold blood.
Joshua 10:28 - City of Makkedah
Joshua 10:29 - City of Libnah
Joshua 10:31 - City of Lachish
Joshua 10:33 - City of Gezer "...Joshua smote him and his people until he had left him none remaining."
Joshua 10:34 - City of Elgon "They left none remaining."
Joshua 10:37 - City of Hebron
Joshua 10:38 - City of Debir
Numbers 21:2-3 - City of Hormah
Numbers 21:33-35: Land of Bashan "...they smote him, and his sons, and all his people, until there was none left him alive: and they possessed his land."
Deuteronomy 2:21-24: The Ammonite, Horim, and Avim people.
Deuteronomy 2:26-35 - Land of Heshbon "...we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain."
Judges 4:16 - City of Sisera

The bible condones the murder of children.

The near ritual murder involving Isaac in Genesis 22:1-18.
Mass murder of the first-born of Egypt in Exodus 7:3; Exodus 7:13-14; Exodus 12:29-30:
Mass murder of 42 little children in 2 Kings 2:23-24.
Executing a whole family for the sins of the father in Joshua 7:20-25.
Mass murder of the Midianite children in Numbers 31:1-18.
Mass murder of Babylonian babies in Psalms 137:8-9.

I would suggest that the bible should be the very last choice as a moral standard as it is so unethical and inmmoral in multiple parts of its texts. The bible condones slavery, polygamy, concubinage, death penalty for trivial crimes, genocide and mass murder of children. Such standards are not objective but entirely subjective and man-made.


"Don't Blame Me (Close Your Eyes)" - New song

"Don't Blame Me (Close Your Eyes)" is my newst song. It can be heard or downloaded as a free mp3 at  A twelve bar blues in E with a simple middle.



Monsters in the wardrobe
Rock spiders in the church
Bullies in the workplace
Demons in your hurts


Don’t blame me for what you see
Close your eyes and go to sleep

Racists in the mob
Guilty let off free
Greedy on the take
Wounds that always bleed

Saviours on the cross
Zombies in the way
Gunshots in the night
Workers without pay

Bigotry for sale
Crippled in their cars
Philistines in the clubs
Talentless as stars

Sociopaths as heads
Slaves who always work
Heartless with no brains
Long lost fiends with perks

TV with no news
Pollies with no truth
Radio with kitsch
Heroes quite uncouth