"FIND THE TREASURE"- Mark Tindall (2012)

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Search by walking
Search by sailing
Search by flying
Search by seeking
Find the treasure


Why are you waiting, what’s the delay?
Begin the adventure come what may
To know the truth, to touch the sky
To know the meaning and reason why
Find the treasure

There’s no map that leads you there
There’s no guide that tells you where
The gold is hidden, the wealth is deep
To find the prize don’t stop to sleep
Find the treasure



"As soon as you think of God, you need to put brackets around it because you're only thinking in your own terms and your own language.  I'm thinking in English.  My thinking is inadequate for something better expressed in Hindi.  You cannot think about God, you cannot have any knowledge of God but, at the same time, you have to, in order to cope with your personal religious needs. In fact, you cannot know God in any way because there is nothing you can say about God that is true."

Barbara Thiering in Samantha Trenoweth "The Future of God: Personal adventures in spirituality with thirteen of today's eminent thinkers" (Millenniun: 1995) pp. 176-177


"In Him we live and move and have our being"- Acts 17:28.

This states more about God for 21st century citizens than any bible verse or religious text. God cannot exist as all existence is predicated by time and space. If God exists then God must exist in time and space. Time and space then become greater than God for God is existent within them and reliant upon them. If God is existent within time and space then God must be limited by time and space and therefore finite. A finite God existing in time and space is exactly what Jesus is to Christians. Jesus is a very poor God - so inferior that he is able to be crucified and die. Both Jews and Muslims rightly reject any human being the infinite God.

If God is infinite then God cannot be Jesus and Jesus cannot be God. Jesus is finite. A finite God such as Jesus can be comprehended by finite minds. An infinite God cannot be comprehended by finite minds as no finite mind can fully comprehend the infinite.

Infinite is not merely "very big".

1. Having no boundaries or limits.
2. Immeasurably great or large; boundless ...
3. Mathematics
a. Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value.
b. Unlimited in spatial extent: a line of infinite length.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

a.  having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or magnitude
b.  (as noun; preceded by the) the infinite
2. extremely or immeasurably great or numerous ...
3. all-embracing, absolute, or total ...
4. (Mathematics) Maths
a.  having an unlimited number of digits, factors, terms, members, etc. ...
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998,  2000, 2003

Suppose all existence is a small fish in the ocean. The ocean it is the whole of the oceans in world all connected by arbitrary borders. There are not many different oceans but one whole ocean.  How much of this huge ocean can one fish explore in a lifetime? A very small percent. What about all the same species of fish that the fish belongs to? Again it is limited to a small area in comparison to the whole of the ocean.

If fish were able to describe the ocean what could one fish say about it? It could perhaps refer to the generations of other fish and their experience as well as its own experience. Has it been in every area of the ocean? Of course not. Neither has all its species. It's description of the ocean would be extremely limited.

How large is the ocean compared to the fish? It is beyond the ability of the fish to comprehend it.

The fish is completely dependent upon the ocean for its survival. It cannot exist outside on dry land outside that environment.

Can all the ocean be inside the small fish? If it is a usual small fish then it is utterly impossible.

This analogy is flawed for a number of reasons.

First, the fish does not have the ocean within every part of its body. An infinite God is within all of existence. (Panentheism.)

Secondly, the ocean is too small to depict an infinite God. If we retold the analogy with an ocean a billion times the current ocean of the world it would still be too small. A trillion billion tmes larger is still too small. Infinite is not just very large but so large that we cannot fathom it. A small fish in an ocean a trillion billion times larger than the earth's ocean is still a flawed incomplete analogy but approximates the idea of what existence is compared to an infinite God. All existence ( including all time and space) is so massively small compared to an infinite God that we cannot fathom it. An infinite God in comparison to existence (including all time and space) is so massively large that we cannot fathom it. In comparison we are each smaller than an atom of the fish in the ocean.

All statements about an infinite God are thus flawed because of the size of the infinite God and the size of the mind of the finite person making such statements. It is far more honest to speak of the Mystery that is God than to make definite pronouncements on such a small experience of an infinite God.

"No one knows for certain and so it's all the same to me.
I think I'll just let the mystery be
." - Iris Dement "Let The Mystery Be"

"Try to realize it's all within yourself
No-one else can make you change
And to see you're really only very small,
And life flows on within you and without you.
"- George Harrison "Within You And Without You"


Christianity and the 2011 Australian census

The Australian 2011 Census figures show a decline in Christian belief from 64% to 61% of our population. This goes along with the steady decline since 1901:

1901 96.1%
1911 95.9%
1921 96.9%
1933 86.4%
1947 88.0%
1954 89.4%
1961 88.3%
1966 88.2%
1971 86.2%
1976 78.6%
1981 76.4%
1986 73.0%
1991 74.0%
1996 70.9%
2001 68.0%
2006 63.9%
2011 61.1%

In just over a hundred years Christianity has lost 35% of the population in Australia. Obviously the Christian church is doing something wonderful to continue in this downward spiral.

The category of "No religion" is up from 18.7% (2006) to 22.3 %.

In a blow to Islamophobia the decline in Christianity (2.8%) was more than the percentage of Muslims in Australia (2.2%).


"DON'T YOU DARE" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "Don't You Dare" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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Hate your dirty tricks and your lying tongue
Your slimy deceit needs to be undone
You hide in the shadows, stab in the back
Your PR image is worn and cracked

Don’t you smear me
Don’t you cross me
Don’t you fight me
Don’t you dare

Can’t trust what you say, I hate what you do
If you were a target I’d throw my shoe
Smiling assassin, ignorant fool
Heartless bastard, crazed and cruel

Don’t call around, don’t drop in here
Don’t bring your stench and stinking fear
Crawl back to your darkened hole
Nothing you do will save your soul

Australian Christian Lobby & "True Christians"

I note that the Australian Christian Lobby states :
"- That 12.7 million, or 64% of Australians declared themselves as Christians in the 2006 ABS Census.
- That over 2 million Australians attend a place of worship every Sunday"

That means that a mere 10% of the Australian population attend a church weekly. Some the 64% who classified themselves as Christians name themselves as Christians because that is the religion they were brought up in. Most never attend church, don't read the bible, don't think much about their particular denomination or Jesus or God and don't adhere to the man-made dogmas of their denomination.

When Christians want to add people to their church denomination they have extremely strict rules as to who is acceptable and a "true Christian". When they want to lobby politicians to support their causes then they add any person who claims to be a Christian. Quite strange!


"RUNNING AWAY" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song, "Running Away" ( copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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I wanna
Run away
Fly away
Hide away
I wanna
Sail away
Float away
Drift away
I wanna
Walk away
Ease away
Leave today
I wanna
Run away
Fly away
Hide away

Forget my tasks and all my chores
Work to live, oh what a bore
Running away

Burn the bridges and abusers
Hang the preachers and confusers
Running away

Go and find somewhere to play
Learn to live and dream all day
Running away