MARK TINDALL "MYSTERY" "Mystery" is the latest and final track from my 2017 album "The Place" - original rock available for streaming or free download.

This final song is the linchpin to the album. It was unfortunately delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The entire album can be heard in the correct order at


THE PLACE (2017) - Mark Tindall

01 - I Love You (For Bev)
02 - I've Time
03 - That Urban Groove
04 - I Wish
05 - Just A Simple Song
06 - Hold On (Keep On)
07 - Everything's Certain
08 - Growing Up (Not Growing Older)
09 - Wander Wonder
10 - Mystery

"The Place" is written around the concept of HaMakom.


For those interested in the chordal structure of "Mystery":

VS //: C / Bb / C /Gm ://
CH: //: F / Gm / Am / Gm / C / Bb / Am / Gm ://
Bridge: Am / Bb / C/ Dm7
Middle : Dm7

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