What about the symbolism of the Bible?

"What about the symbolism of the Bible? ... The Biblical image of the universe simply won't do any more neither will the Biblical notion of a race of God, which all others are meant to serve ... nor again, the idea of a code of laws delivered from on high and to be valid for all time. The social problems of the world today are not those of a corner of the old Levant, sixth century B.C. Societies ...are not static; nor can the laws of one serve another. ... Thus we know -- whether we dare to say so or not -- that our clergies have no more right to claim unassailable authority for their moral law than for their science. And even, finally, in their intimate role of giving spiritual advice, the clergy have now been overtaken by the scientific psychiatrists -- and indeed to such a degree that many clergymen are themselves turning to psychologists to be taught how best to serve their pastoral function. The magic of their own traditional symbols works no longer to heal but only to confuse.... in our own beautiful world, not only have our public religious symbols lost their claim to authority and passed away, but the ways of life they once supported have also disappeared" - Joseph Campbell, "Myths To Live By" (Penguin Compass, 1972) pp. 130 -131