"God: The Ultimate Biography" (Ebury Press: 1987) by "Holy Ghost writer Jeremy Pascal." (obviously a God inspired prophet) - GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY!

I quote from pages 7 - 12:

"I should have thought that this is the one autobiography that needs no introduction. .. the fact that in a galaxy as yet undiscovered by Homo Sapiens another of my books - God On Gardening - has outsold even the Bible. .... Although the Bible has done very well in it is only a biography and an unauthorised one at that. I DIDN'T EVEN WRITE IT. ... With such a large team of authors, inaccuracies are bound to creep in and I will correct them in the course of this definitive, work. ... I've decided it was time to write My version of the facts, just to put the record straight, correct the errors and cover some omissions, not least the matter of the Eleven Commandments ...


The Author of all creation."

God personally wrote it as is proven by the verses from GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY above.

This also proves that God did not write the bible as God states on page 10 above in GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY" I didn't even write it [The bible]."

PROOF that "God: The Ultimate Biography" is GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

1. The amazing care that was required in copying GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY, according to Ebury Press.

2. Textual critics have thousands upon thousands of printed copies of GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY to research and compare.

3. No passages in GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY are even questionable.

4. Textual critics find the all copies of GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY in 100% agreement.

5. The autographs of GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY are extant and held by Ebury Press. Jeremy Pascal inspected them.

6. If we have good copies of GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY, we have a divine message.

7. GOD'S INERRANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY has sufficient internal claims that it is God's word, true, it will not pass away, God breathed, the work of the Holy Spirit superintending the writing process of God as the only author.