Jesus and the Easter Bunny

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit
Jeshua Cottontail - Proof that the Easter Bunny lives. All you have to do is believe ... just like you do with Jesus.

It is utterly appropriate to link the current existence of Jesus and the Easter Bunny together. Both are related to ideas about resurrection. Some humans think that both exist and are alive now.  One could make the argument that the Easter Bunny (just like Jesus) is an historical subject, and indirectly through the rabbit spirit a post-bunny subject that can be accessed through mystical experience, chocolate eggs, and particularly through face to face meeting that is supported by love. This can be verified and falsified in exactly the same way as Jesus - subjective arguments with unprovable premises.

Observational evidence is indispensable for knowledge of an observable historic Jesus of Nazareth (not your invisible mythical Christ of faith). If, as Christians claim, Jesus is alive, where is he so we can observe him? Or is the historic Jesus is not alive like other humans? Or can't the historic Jesus currently be observed as he has magically turned into the mythical Christ of faith? How did he do that miracle? Theological pixie dust! Done through special pleading for Jesus - "He's there but he's hiding!" Special pleading is a form of spurious argumentation introducing favorable details and / or excluding unfavorable details by alleging a need to apply additional considerations without proper criticism of these considerations themselves. It cites something as an exemption to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exemption. It is a double standard often used by Christians in relation to Jesus.  Jesus is special.  However, the Easter Bunny may also be special.

Science is the very best method we have for understanding observable items. The human Jesus of Nazareh (not the mythical invisible Christ of faith) was an observable item in first century Palestine. Therefore science is the very best method we have for understanding the human Jesus of Nazareth.

Unfortunatley Jesus was never observed by a scientist with current knowledge at that time.  All that we have now to look at the historic Jesus is history which uses a narrative to examine and analyse the sequence of events and to investigate objectively the patterns of cause and effect that determine events dealing with Jesus.

We have no primary evidence for Jesus nor eyewitness accounts only dubious third hand testimony or worse contained in the gospels. (Paul never met the historic Jesus.). So Christian objective claims about Jesus being God and being alive now must be treated as merely subjective opinion on the same level as children's belief in the Easter Bunny.

The invisible mythical Christ of faith is supposedly what Jesus turned into through magic pixie dust that cannot be verified or falsified. We have no scientific or historical evidence to support that Jesus is indeed now the invisible Christ of faith. All we have is the subject opinion found through theology and based upon dubious bible verses.

How then can Chrisians continue in the hypocrisy of preaching this subjective opinion as objective fact in creeds, dogmas, sermons, evangelisation, etc?