The cartoon exposes the double standards that Christians have. On one hand a moral couple who are atheist are shunned because of their lack of Christian belief but on the other hand a murdering rapist of 21 women is considered a Christian brother and warmly welcomed merely because he is a Christian.  The cartoon destroys all sense of Christian "justice" as, according to Christian doctrine, the murdering rapist receives no punishment whatsoever as he is now a Christian but the moral atheist couple will burn in hell forever. One could easily swap the atheist couple for a homosexual couple. The same applies.

It would be really nice if Christians someday began treating the atheists, Muslims and homosexuals exactly the same as murdering rapist of 21 women who converts to Christianity. However, most Christians have an unspoke arpartheid and favour the murdering rapist of 21 women who has converted over any nonbeliever.