God's Footprint

In Christianity God is viewed as an existent being. God has to be that way for Christians if Jesus is God. If we "live and move and have our being" in God then the universe is God's footprint as we have our existence in the universe. We can empirically study that footprint. The footprint doesn't lead to a personal Jesus. It leads to impersonal space / time matter and energy. It is not science that is wrong, it is our notion of God. Theology does not inform science but science should inform theology.

When theology informed science the the sun supposedly rotated around the Earth. We now know that to be incorrect. We now know that there is no being out there in the universe who is God - including Jesus. If god Jesus literally ascended from a mountain top then even travelling at the speed of light he is still within the Milky Way. If he has already gone to "heaven" and is seated next to an existing God who is a being on a real throne then logically "heaven" is in the Milky Way. Where? Now if you think all that is nonsense as we are talking about an "spiritual" realm then HOW does one prove that spiritual realm exists? Is it on the same level as the mythical Narnia or Atlantis? Both have books and oral traditions that say they are real. C S Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia" states that Narnia is real. Plato stated in "Timaeus and Critias" that Atlantis was real. Is something real just because it is handed down by oral tradtion or quoted in a book? If not, then how is the Christian oral tradition and bible book any different? One can never prove a negative so one can't really prove that there is no Narnia or Atlantis. Should we then believe in both? Why or why not?

All items to believed by faith alone are on extremely shakey ground