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"No religion” (which includes atheists, agnostics, humanists and secularists) in 2006 are 127.5% of 2001 numbers. And Christianity in 2006 is 99.4% of 2001 numbers. ... Overall, non-religious affiliation as a percentage of total population has increased by 3.19% Overall, religious affiliation as a percentage of total population has fallen by 4.61%"

Of the roughly 64% identifying as Christian in 2006, the largest proportions were either Roman Catholic (25.8%) or Anglican (18.7%), with the third largest group being the 5.7% affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia. Baptists account for 2.5% of the total Christian population. The National Church Life Survey found about 8.8% of the Australian population attended a church in one of the covered denominations in a given week in 2001. That means that 91.2% of the population didn't attend church. I'm looking forward to the new survey September - November 2011. I predict that numbers will have again fallen.