CHRISTOPHOBE - a new insult used by Fundamentalist Christians


An insult used by Christian fundamentalist extremists against anyone who disagrees with their twisted, hateful interpretation of scripture, and the homophobia, sexism and racism that it implies. Part of a greater sentiment among Christians that they are persecuted, despite the fact that Christianity is the most powerful and publicly accepted religion in this country, most government officials are Christian, including the President, as well as most notable figures in the media. Some fundamentalist Christians want a world in which public schoolchildren are forced to pray to Jesus Christ, homosexuals are actively persecuted, non-Christians are second class citizens and women with unwanted pregnancies end up bleeding to death from self-administered abortions. Anyone opposed to this twisted fantasy of what would in actuallity be a hellish and depressing future is labeled a "Christiophobe."

Fundie: "Stop gay marriage! Homosexuality is evil! Homosexuals are EEEVIL!!!"

Non-fundie: "That sounds, oh, I don't know, kind of hateful and mean, don't you think?"

Fundie: "Christophobe!! You are going to hell!"