Critique of Richard Rohr and his "cosmic Christ"

A critique of  - Fr. Richard Rohr - Cosmic Christ.

Richard Rohr reinvents of the historical Jesus of Nazareth as the mythical Christ of faith and calls him the "cosmic Christ". It is merely Marcus Borg's post-Easter Jesus.

Pre-Easter Jesus  / Post-Easter Jesus
4 B.C.E. to 30 C.E. / 30 C.E. to present
Corporeal, human being of flesh and blood / Spiritual non-material reality
Finite and mortal  / Infinite, eternal
Human / Divine
A Jewish peasant / King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Figure of the past / Figure of the present
Jesus of Nazareth / Jesus Christ
Monotheistic Jew / Becomes the second person of the trinity, "God with a human face"
Galilean Jew of the first century / "The Face of God" (metaphor based on 2 Cor. 4:6 Beholding the glory of God in the face of Christ)

It is mythical and not historical. It is based in mysticism (4:45 ff) and not rationality. He confuses Jesus with God. There is no "cosmic Christ"in reality. A Christ is one anointed BY God and therefore can never be God Himself and certainly a messiah / christ is never infinite.

One does not require Jesus for the concepts that he is talking about. Substitute his "cosmic Christ" with Thor, Woden, Zeus or any other god or being and it works just as well.

Rohr borrows much from other Christian mystics like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (19:20 ff) and primarily from "The Phenomenon of Man". See I don't find Rohr saying anything new or startling that differs from such past Christian mystics. His "dualistic mind" (22:28) and thinking "both / and" about Jesus and the mythical Christ of faith confuses the two completely different entities and is both irrational and illogical. Rohr wants you to believe the two are exactly the same but they are vastly different as Marcus Borg explains. His "contemplative mind (23:30) merges everything as one and leaves no room for discernment of very important differences. God gave you a mind to use and that means using discernment, logic and reason.