Strata of Christian Belief - Strata 6 - Assumptions about items such as Jesus and other dogmas

Strata 6. Assumptions about items such as Jesus and other dogmas.

It is enough in this strata to recognise basic facts about the main supposed historic character around which Christianity revolves:
- There is no primary historical evidence (uncontested first hand material written by Jesus or, next best, by an uncontested eyewitness) and archeological evidence apart from the bible that Jesus ever existed.
- There is no scientific or medical evidence that Jesus is alive today.
- There is no scientific evidence that Jesus communicates with anyone today.
- All religious claims have value judgements made about them regarding whether they are true or false. This presupposes some criteria for judgement.

All truth claims are not of equal value - Christians never treat all claims as equal otherwise they would treat the claims of Satanism as equal with that of Christianity and warmly embrace it. One makes a judgement on such claims as true or false. By what crieria is that judgment made? In the the case of Christainity is mainly made upon dubious bible verses subjectively interpreted and unable to be verified or falsified. Empirical refutation / falsification is one of the most effective methods by which theories can be criticised.