Jesus Hates You This I Know

Jesus hates you, this I know
'cause the Bible tells me so
And on this we all agree
Jesus hates you more than me
Yes, Jesus hates you
Yes, Jesus hates you
Yes, Jesus hates you
He told me so himself

* Obviously the Trew Kristyun Fundy Verson.

Jesus said to love your neighbour. The way to get around this as a Christian is to reinterpret who your neighbour is. Your neighbour suddenly does not include anyone who disbelieves your dogma or your bible - including homosexuals and Muslims. They are reinterpreted as enemies and not neighbours. Neighbours are only those you get along with and think like you do. You therefore have justification for not loving anyone who disagrees with you. There are a lot of Old Testament verses that will be able to tell you how to treat an enemy. In Joshua you just kill the whole lot of them - men. women, children, babies, elderly - in a genocide so that they never have the chance to adversely influence you or your family or future generations. God supposedly told Joshua to commit genocide therefore it is a good moral and ethical action.

Tertullian said the heathen remarked, “See how the Christians love one another.” The same cannot be said today.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi