HOW does God communicate to humans?

Many Christians say that God's "dialogue" consists of Yes / No / Maybe demonstrated in life experience. That doesn't seem like much of a dialogue and works equally well for the pagan gods who answer exactly in the same manner. Others say that God metaphorically "speaks" to them in their "spirit" (spirit = mind = soul = psyche) as an intutition. We have intuitions about people we personally know in real life but those intutitions are not dialogue with those people and do not constitute having a "personal relationship" with those people ( like the "personal relationship"one is supposed to have with jesus as a Christian). Others say that they speak for God but God always sounds remarkably like the person and has the same prejudices. Others say that God speaks through the bible. How does God speak through a book with multiple editors, contradictions, errors, forgeries, fictions and man-made dogmas? Some say that God speaks to their heart / spirit though both mean mind in the Hebrew and Greek. Is this through ideas? How do we know which idea is from God which is from self, Satan, Thor or Woden or some other god?

It would seem to me that if God can speak to humans then he would do so in an unambigious clear way that could be easily detected and investigated by all people. That is not the case. It would also seem to me that God would answer questions of utmost importance (like a cure for cancer) and not dwell on minor unimportant details. That also is not the case. If something is true then it must be internally coherent and externally verifiable with facts. God's speaking to humans is not like that at all. Whatever God's communication is , it is not very clear and unambigiuous.

If God speaks then how does one learn about Jesus without reading a bible or hearing an evangelist. It should be possible to find out about Jesus solely and only thorough God speaking to you. That is impossible.

Paul said that it was possibe to know God through the things that God created (Romans 1). Paul was wrong. This is the Causal / Cosmological Argument. It fails because:
- It establishes nothing whatever about the deity's characteristics. it works equally well for Thor, Zeus and Woden.
- It leads to an infinite regress. Who created God?
- It is an invalid argument from experience. How do we know everything has a cause.

As if to prove my point, Acts 1:26 says that the surviving apostles drew lots to decide who was going to be the apostle to replace Judas. Why did God not speak directly to the apostles on such an important matter? The apostles used the same drawing of lots as was used in pagan temples to find out the will of the pagan gods. If God does not speak directly to apostles on such an important matter then why do we think he will speak to us directly on unimportant matters? Do we need to draw lots as the pagans did?

This is about basic epistemology concerning God. It is that which no Christian dares speak about. It can be seen in the paucity of material on this matter. It is the script for Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal"- God is silent. I quote from the scene with Death at the Confessional:

KNIGHT: Is it so cruelly inconceivable to grasp God with the senses? Why should he hide himself in a mist of half-spoken promises and unseen miracles? .... I want knowledge, not faith, not suppositions, but knowledge. I want God to stretch out His hand towards me, reveal himself and speak to me.

DEATH: But He remains silent.

KNIGHT: I call out to Him in the dark but no-one sems to be there.

DEATH: Perhaps no-one is there.

KNIGHT: Then life is an outrageous horror. ... The sun is high in sky and I, Antonius Block, am playing chess with Death.

From Ingmar Bergman "The Seventh Seal & Wild Strawberries: 2 Film Scripts" (Faber&Faber:1991) pp 27-29

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