A female Christ?

Think about the possibility of Christianity with a Christ named Jessica, the Daughter of God. What would Jessica Christ say about the male dominance in Christianity? Would you want to wear a crucifix featuring a crucified Jessica around your neck? Would a Jessica Christ be beautiful and sexy? Or would she be ugly? ( See Isaiah 53:2 adapted "when we shall see HER, there is no beauty that we should desire HER.") Would a resurrected Jessica come back to vanquish all Christian foes in a huge bloody battle of Armageddon? Is Jessica Christ a type of female Amazon warrior? Would males want to follow a female Lord Jessica? Would you want to eat Christ Jessica's body and drink her blood in remembrance of her? Would Christian males want a women to rule them considering Colossians 3:18, Ephesians 5:22-24 & 1 Peter 3:1? Would the Catholic church then decree that only women could become priestesses? How would males feel about that?

Jessica Christ would change everything.