I had an atheist mate tell me that a "skeptical" podcast now destroys the whole of the psychological assumptions behind education. Absolute bullshit! ( Nor is scientific scepticism exactly the same as scepticism in philosophy. This is a verifiable fact that he also doesn't seem to comprehend.)


Similar podcast transcript.


The "Bright" atheist (but not so bright in education) who stated this in his quaint little podcast ( the most popular form of gathering information for atheists) is Brian Dunning (convicted of wire fraud) who has absolutely no qualification in education. He is a "computer scientist by trade". Another example of a person speaking outside their area of expertise.


I attended a NLP seminar in the 1980s by Michael Grindler (brother of John Grinder) when it was beginning to become popular. If NLP is wrong (as proven by science) then teachers will not use it. Teachers aren't stupid. Teachers still have a huge amount of material from psychology (to name but one discipline) that they can use in educating students. NLP is only one tool in many hundreds that may be used.

In particular, it appears that the academic evidence against NLP is not about “learning styles” at all but items such as the concepts within NLP of "mirroring and matching" (and other areas such as eye movement as indicators of preferred learning styles, etc) and being a “tool to influence others”.  If "mirroring and matching", and eye movement as indicators of preferred learning styles, and NLP as a “tool to influence others” are all wrong then it does absolutely no damage whatsoever to education and various competing theories on learning styles.