Answering atheist NonStampCollector

Everything stated in the video could also be stated about atheism and atheists themselves.

The video argument summarised in reverse:


"In a serious mood because it's time to knock something on the head. When atheists run out of comebacks in these debates, rather than coming up with verifiable evidence to support their claims they tend to try other tactics to stay in the game for reasons that are, ironically, self evident. It's nothing new but I've been seeing a lot of this lately. The old unverified idea that we believers are all delusional and that all religion is a virus that should be destroyed. Seeing as it is going to fall on deaf ears I really don't know why I'm bothering because even when their ideas are held up to them and they see for themselves the transparent rubbish that these arguments are, they tend to hold onto them and keep repeating them anyway. So not knowing why I am bothering, here I go.

Atheists do things that believers usually don't bother emulating:
- Some actively campaign daily against something they don't believe exists
- Some seem to think that insult is a form of valid argument (It isn't)
- Some seem to think that they are more intelligent because they are atheist (They aren't)
- Some want the laws of the land they live in changed to discriminate against believers
- Some have a blind acceptance of scientism with knowledge of the flaws as demonstrated by the philosophy of science (The problems of induction and verification)
- Some have a blind acceptance of empiricism without understanding it's problems as demonstrated in philosophy
- Some want all religious knowledge banned in schools and universities
- Some discriminate against all religions and want all religion destroyed
- Some want to describe themselves as persecuted minority and state that this is why they should be so aggressive, insulting and abusive (Compare to the pacifist tactics of the minority group led by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr)
- Some want to imitate the religion that they hate and form atheist churches and atheist TV programs and channels
- Some openly state that they are reactionary protest group against believers and without a God / gods or believers there would be absolutely no need for atheism.
- Some taunt believers with straw man fallacies such as "You believe in a sky daddy". (It would really help if atheists knew about that which they are against.)
-Some believe that belief in a God has a detrimental affect on society and believers themselves (Atheists really should study more history and read outside their quaint little books written by people with no qualifications in the subject area)
- Some pontificate about matters outside their area of expertise (A biologist ranting about religion is an example.)
- Some want to force all people to become atheists with no freewill choice of belief in a God / gods.
- Some believe they are entitled to wave their lack of belief around and demand special respect for it
- Some wish to deny believers the same equal rights as atheists
- Some think that they do not have to provide any verification or positive logical rational argument for their lack of belief. (Atheism has no positive argument for its existence - it proceeds from a negative argument against theism.)
- Some repeatedly shift the burden of proof for atheist claims away from atheists even when confronted with verifiable atheist claims that "God probably doesn't exist" in the atheist British bus campaign.
- Some repeatedly lie that "atheists never make any claims about God" (despite a verifiable plethora of atheist books and websites that do make claims about God)
- Some think they have rational justification to destroy another's belief. (They don't.)
- Some hold on to cruelty, prejudice, bigotry, hate, terrorism and war.
- Some are guilty of the very same hypocrisy that they claim to see in others

A-theism is as irrelevant to daily life as a-invisiblepinkunicornism or a-fairyism or a-flyingspaghettimonsterism or a-santaclausism or a-toothfairyism or a-leprechaunism.

The new atheists have adopted empiricism, verificationism, scientism and humanism on top of their lack of belief in a God. Empiricism, scientism and humanism do not directly and logically flow from a lack of belief in a God.

Atheists, do you see how pathetic these arguments and tactics are? These arguments that you use against us believers are irrational and illogical and sometimes plain spiteful. We believers will stand up against your atheism when you want to militantly attempt to destroy our religion and God / gods. If you want atheism then keep it to yourself. If you choose to take it into the public arena, which is your right also, then expect that believers will demand that you provide a verifiable positive rational logical argument for your lack of belief in a God / gods. You have not yet done so as a negative argument against theism is not a positive argument for atheism. Both could be wrong. Also expect that your hypocrisy and lack of knowledge about religion, theology and philosophy of religion and philosophy of science will be exposed. Just don't make ridiculous unverified claims and straw man fallacies about believers and their God / gods.