The time has come for IQ tests in order to be a politician. Those with less than 120 should be instantly dismissed. One should also have academic qualifications that address agreed standards in areas such as politics, philosophy and the arts or sciences as well as a well rounded tertiary education. Bean counters need not apply. All jobs, except those for politicians, have skill and knowledge requirements and levels for employment. The only current qualifications to be a politician in Australia are:
- be over 18 years old
- not be a criminal
- have money for associated fees
- fool enough sheeple so that they will vote for you (Of course, 50% of the voters have a less than average IQ which explains a lot. The regulations also mean that 50% of politicians have a less than average IQ which also explains a lot. )

Thus any idiot can become a politician in Australia ... and usually does. I could point to some ignorant members of Federal, State and Local government.

The following article also works for all levels of Australian politics.



... I’m starting to think that what we really need are IQ tests for political officeholders. The only problem is, that might leave us with a lot of vacancies in Congress and America’s statehouses.

... ignorance and incompetence are on regular display among our political class. Its members are good at what they do — but what they do, really, is raise money and win elections. There’s no particular correlation between those skills and any other kind of competence. In fact, given their record of passing increasingly dumb laws, if there’s any correlation at all, it’s a negative one. ...

Politicians getting smarter on their own is probably too much to hope for. But maybe if voters wise up, a smarter crop of politicians will follow.