Fundamentalist evangelical Christians like to state that they are members of the largest religion in the world and imply that the 2.1 billion global Christians all think the same as they do and that Christianity is rapidly growing. That is clearly incorrect.

In Australia, of the roughly 64% identifying as Christian in 2006, the largest proportions were either Roman Catholic (25.8%) or Anglican (18.7%), with the third largest group being the 5.7% affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia. Baptists account for 2.5% of the total Christian population. The National Church Life Survey found about 8.8% of the Australian population attended a church in one of the covered denominations in a given week in 2001. That means that 91.2% of the population didn't attend church. Australia is thus hardly a Christian nation but one of the most secularised nations in the world.

Church attendance in civilised Western countries countries is falling as are the number of people calling themselves Christian.

"many scholars around the world are noticing how the trend of Christianity is losing its light in the West but rising as the new light in Asia, Africa, and Latin America." - the less educated countries. ""In Western Europe, we are hanging on by our fingernails. The fact is that Europe is no longer Christian."

Found in

" American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS 2008)

Prior to 1990, the popularity of Christianity had been stable in the U.S. About 87% of adults identified themselves as Christians. The country then experienced a major change. Significant numbers of American adults began to disaffiliate themselves from Christianity and from other organized religions. By 2008, the percentage of Christians had reached 76% and is believed to be continuing its decline.

The ex-Christians do not seem to have joined new religious movements (NRMs) or other world religions; they mostly left organized religion entirely.

Since World War II, this same process had been observed in other countries, like the U.K., other European countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


Other links confirming this:


For statistical purposes: Groups which self-identify as part of Christianity include (but are not limited to): African Independent Churches (AICs), the Aglipayan Church, Amish, Anglicans, Armenian Apostolic, Assemblies of God; Baptists, Calvary Chapel, Catholics, Christadelphians, Christian Science, the Community of Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormons"), Coptic Christians, Eastern Orthodox churches, Ethiopian Orthodox, Evangelicals, Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Local Church, Lutherans, Methodists, Monophysites, Nestorians, the New Apostolic Church, Pentecostals, Plymouth Brethren, Presbyterians, the Salvation Army, Seventh-Day Adventists, Shakers, Stone-Campbell churches (Disciples of Christ; Churches of Christ; the "Christian Church and Churches of Christ"; the International Church of Christ); Uniate churches, United Church of Christ/Congregationalists, the Unity Church, Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Vineyard churches and others. These groups exhibit varying degrees of similarity, cooporation, communion, etc. with other groups. None are known to consider all other Chrisian sub-groups to be equally valid. David Barrett, an Evangelical Christian who is the compiler of religion statistics for the Encyclopedia Britannica and the World Christian Encyclopedia, includes all of the groups listed above in the worldwide statistics for Christianity.



Obviously most in this list think that the others are "not true Christians".

If one looks at the numbers in each denomination one finds that of the 2.1 billion Christians on the face of the earth 1.2 billion are Catholics and only 670 million are Protestants. Protestants say that Catholics are "not true Christians" so, to be truthful, fundamentalist conservative evangelical Protestants should only count their 670 million as "true Christians" and from that number subtract all Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses, liberal Christians and other Protestant groups they think are "not true Christians". This puts fundamentalist conservative evangelical Protestants who are "true Christians" a little less in numbers than traditional Chinese religion (ranked 5th).

The numbers of total Christians (which include those whom Christians think are "not true Christians") does not reflect the very small number of Christians they think are "true Christians". So Christians include those whom they think are "not true Christians" when it comes to global numbers that are beneficial to them but exclude those same "not true Christians" in daily practice. It's called hypocrisy and double standard.


There are massive differences between Catholic and Orthodox theology compared to Protestant theology and even greater differences when it comes to comparison with the small minority of fundamentalist conservative Protestant Christians.


World Christian Database as of 2007 estimated the growth rate of Christianity at 1.38%. This is far from "considerable". Compare this to other religions:


1.94% - Islam
1.70% - Bahá'í Faith
1.62% - Sikhism
1.57% - Jainism
1.52% - Hinduism
1.38% - Christianity


Christianity is lagging behind those other religions.

Then , of course, there has been the growth of atheism. The figures released in 2007 of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census figures on religion demonstrates no-religion has increased by a marked 3.2% - that is 239.89% of the growth rate of Christianity.


Often quoted by evangelical Christians is the great numbers of Christians in the Sahara.

" the Christian share of the population of sub-Saharan Africa has soared over the past century, from 9% to 63%. Meanwhile, the think-tank says, the Christian proportion of Europeans and people in the Americas has dropped, respectively, from 95% to 76% and from 96% to 86%."  -

The article at  states "The majority of Christians in sub-Saharan Africa are Protestant (57%), ... About one-in-three Christians in the region (34%) are Catholic. Orthodox Christians account for about 8% of the region’s Christians, and other Christians make up the remaining 1%." - 

Evangelical Christians like to say that Catholics, Orthodox, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are "not true Christians" in ordinary everyday practice but when it comes to global numbers of Christians they are suddenly their best buddies. Nothing so wonderful as Christians counting heretics in their numbers.

Should we now mention how Christian belief has plummeted over the past 100 years in the West? " Europe now accounts for only 25.9 percent of the global Christian population, down 40 percent from a century ago."... While the majority of Christians lived in Europe in 1910, by 2010 only about one in four Christians live in Europe.” Europe accounted for 66.3 percent of the world’s Christian population in 1910. Today, it represents 25.9 percent. The proportion of European Christians has dropped from 94.5 percent of the population to 76.2 percent in 100 years.... The researchers used a broad definition in determining the number of Christians worldwide, with a sociological purpose rather than a theological one. “We are attempting to count groups and individuals who self-identify as Christian,” the report states. “This includes people who hold beliefs that may be viewed as unorthodox or heretical by other Christians. It also includes Christians who seldom pray or go to church.” ... Christianity has remained roughly one-third of the global population (35 percent in 1910, 32 percent in 2010), calling it a “picture of relative stability” as world population has grown.


 “Growing churches continue to grow and declining churches continue to decline,” according to the National Council of Churches’ 2011 Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches. What many of these reports do not say is that the churches that are growing, are simply picking up the members of those leaving the declining churches. ...

“If the current decline in church attendance were the medical case history of a hospital patient, the diagnosis would read: “Chronically ill; resistant to change; on life support; likely terminal.” The church itself is the one institution most in need of the very thing it proclaims to the world — salvation.”




Combat the WAR ON NEW YEAR'S DAY. Keep Janus in January as the tradition of over 2000 years states.

January 1 was the day was consecrated to Janus since it was the first of the new year and of the month (kalends) of Janus.  it was customary to exchange cheerful words of good wishes on that day.  Everyone devoted a short time to his usual business exchanged dates, figs and honey as a token of well wishing and gifts of coins called strenae. Cakes made of spelt (far) and salt were offered to the god and burnt on the altar.   Shortly afterwards, on January 9, on the feria of the Agonium of January the rex sacorum offered the sacrifice of a ram to Janus



ALEX LEGG IS NOT AS GREAT / EQUAL TO "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" as claimed. For stating this obvious fact ALEX LEGG called me "pompous" and "party pooper", his lover ISOBEL BLACKTHORNE called me "fool" and their sycophant best friend PETER ALEXANDER SHIELDS asserted that Alex was indeed a genius. I was then blocked and banned from the Facebook page owned by Demi Denton for daring to criticise this grandiose pompous claim.

I have also received several personal insults of "fool" and "prick" by Alex Legg himself on my Facebook personal and musician pages and on Youtube for daring to daring to have the opinion that Alex Legg is not as great as / equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".  Alex Legg is still finding new ways to personally insult me a month later for daring to have this opinion. This poor little fellow's ego is in shock that someone doesn't see his "obvious" genius - "obvious genius" was mentioned repeatedly by Isobel Blackthorn and Peter Shields.


Alex's site is at He has a rejected Wikipedia page at .

Alex Legg, of Croydon, Victoria, has no record sales, concert attendances or Grammy Awards equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".  He plays on a Sunday at the Burrinja Cafe, Upwey, Victoria.

Interesting that the songs Alex is playing on I LIKE IT as his own compositions are actually credited to him and his ex-wife Jenny. Alex and Jenny recorded three albums together as a Christian duo – Falling off the Edge of the World 1993, Granite Stones and Clay 1996 and True Stories 2002. Co-credits are mentioned on "You Better Do Something".  See

What do others think about Alex legg's music? Here are some reviews ...


JENNY & ALEX LEGG - True Stories (ICC)

... Alex takes more time to make an impression ...  The album's main fault though, is that it starts well, goes through a (albeit long) good phase and then peters out. ...  Sound-wise the Leggs know the 1990s never happened, stuck as they are firmly in the 80s ... Paul Ganney. (September 1999)


Quoting Alex Legg from
" Alex believes that the world doesn't owe anyone a platform to perform and succeed as singer/songwriters. It's a status that has to be earned." Maybe he should take his own advice.

The failed song "Heaven Help Me" was pitched to Joe Cocker and rejected.

Listen to my answer to his pompous claims in a song called "Pompous Claims (Of How Great Thou Art)" at 

In our times, various ideologically dedicated groups increasingly use censorship, coercion, or propaganda to limit access to ideas, literature, and the arts that they consider threatening. p.74

Censorship, the twin brother of propaganda, is the tool of despots, of ideologues, of ayatollahs, of fanatics. p.96

Franky Schaeffer~"Sham Pearls For Real Swine" ( Wolgemuth & Hyatt; Brentwood:1990)

For daring to suggest that Alex Legg is NOT as great as / equal "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" as claimed I am getting repeated abusive posts by his illiterate fans such as this piece of luv received on Facebook on Christmas Eve from Rob Harwood of Harwood Archive Studios, Montmorency, Victoria.

"... you fuckwit .... as for the alex legg bullshit cease and desist ... what a useless fuckwaster idiot"

I am now going to list the names of every one of the illiterate scumbag Alex Legg fans who send me such pieces of abuse.

My call for a boycott on Alex Legg's music is all about the right to have a personal opinion of a piece of music that is different to that of the musician, his lover and best friends. I maintain that it is totally appropriate to have such opinions. No-one should dictate to another that they must have a specific opinion on art. No two two people have 100% agreement on all matters to do with art.

SO ... if someone states that Alex Legg is as great as / equal "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" then it is totally moral and ethically permissable for someone else to state the opposite. For this very simple and basic idea regarding human rights I have been continually attacked by Alex Legg, Isobeth Blackthorn and Peter Shields and blocked from Demi Denton's I LIKE IT page for musicians to share their music and repeatedly abused by Alex Legg fanatics.

I think their infantile behaviour in this matter speaks heaps about themselves. I have blocked more abusive insults on this topic over the first week of this pomopous nonsense than the whole of my time on Facebook. Really weird people. I really don't understand the infantile mindset that doesn't allow people an opinion about art. Grow up and get an education.

Here is the lastest pompous foolish message from Alex Legg posted to my Youtube account a month after my comment on Demi Denton's wall - 08/01 /12


Here's something to think about, if you're capable of thought...

 A Philosopher? - but you're incapable of thought! ...
 An educator? But you're incapable of learning!  ...

*[Alex goes on to quote how wonderful and marvellous he is from Alex Legg fanatics with the following illiterate poorly punctuated comnments ]

.... what a wanker! ....
bullshit sherie  ... a complete wanker----but then again all publicity is good publicity ... he is a jelous (sic) phobe (sic) !!!!...  his crap!!! Oh & his music is crap!!!!! ... Talk about being in the playground.How old is this guy??Sounds like a bit of jelousy (sic) to me,u (sic) cant (sic) help being so good and having a talent .... Have a blinding Crimbo.xxxx  ... let this idiot eat shit.have a nice day. (sic)


Other comments left on Alex Legg's Youtube site by his illiterate fanatics ....


...  He has just experienced digital flaming for the first time. *[ Obviously from Alex Legg and his illiterate fanatics.]   ... Tindall is calculating and quite dedicatedly intent on causing harm. *[Sure, a well known pacifist such as myself is intent on harm because he dares to disagree with foolish pompous claims. What a moronic claim! Stating an opinion about music is not harm. How can this imbecile read minds? ]  ... Mr Tindall does infact (sic) recognise the genius of Alex Legg *[ No, I have repeatedly stated that I don't think Alex Legg is a genius. ] ... hey (sic) he's the psychologist not me *[ This moron doesn't know the difference between a philosopher and a psychologist.] ... a review of his pathetic lyricless ditty "Pompous Claims" (wot (sic) a title, eh?) *[ Yes, WHAT a title! So apt! Yet the real title is "Pompous Claims (OF HOW GREAT THOU ART)". You forgot the part in brackets which references the pompous claims about Alex Legg. ] ...  I'll keep you all posted daily about him. Not too time consuming....*[ I'll keep the world updated on the Alex Legg pompous foolishness via this article which is now appearing on Google everytime you enter in the search "Alex Legg" ;-)] ...  * [Next comment by Alex Legg] ... please stop this silly personal feud! *[ Yes, please do, pompous foolish  Alex. How many different accounts do I have to block of yours with repeated insults to me privately? It's not doing you any favours as I will post your private insults here for all to see how childish you are.] ... *[Fanatic posts continue.] eez mate! what a wanker!  ...  Wow,just (sic) read that ridiculous blog of Mark Tindall's!!! *[ Aw, thanks!  Amazing how many illiterate morons are so upset because I dared to state that Alex Legg is not as great as / equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".] ....


Yes, they sound like real educated people .............. not!  Foolish little kiddies playing silly little childish games with a pompous fool.

My friends have stated:~


- [John Smith (Australian Christian evangelist)] ... Alex is an old friend, but certainly any of us as performers (including myself as a story-teller/proclaimer), must recognize people have a right to analyze our performance, make comparisons etc without it being taken as personal attack. Though I have enjoyed some of his songs I certainly don't think he comes anywhere near Dylan, Cohen, Waites Simon or Lennon ...
- I have never heard of the man in the music world.
- Who is Alex Legg ? I've never heard of him.

- As they say - small things amuse small minds, and small minds think of such stupid things to say.
 ... let the silly gits get what they deserve - which is nothing.

-  He isn't obviously worried about his 'reputation' ............considering I have never heard of the dude. If he was so good wouldn't he be mainstream?
- lol "award winning artist." They're all local Scottish awards.
- Hmmm - legitimate to say that while I may *not* necessarily like Dylan/Waites/Cohen/Simon/Lennon, I've *never even heard* of Legg - so to me, that kind of makes him, erm, not as great as the others...
- Never heard of him.....
- I also plead ignorance of Mr Legg.
- Who the heck is Alex Legg?????
- Never heard of him ................. can't be that famous.......
- OK............. never heard of him.
- Never heard of the guy...Alex Legg.....but if he comes up...he's off my list forever...sounds like a real creep!!

- Boy, sounds ridiculous.
- I always found musical tastes to be subjective, but making big claims is another matter entirely.
- The ones who attempt to "Equal" great people in music or even the arts in general tend to fail to do so because the greats they're trying to emulate are the ones who broke new ground and did not attempt to equal those who came before them, but rather surpassed.


Also many more artists, musicians and friends I have spoken to locally who say the same as the comments above. 

Stay tuned as there are sure to be more illiterate bits of crap posted by Alex Legg and his fanatics.



"Why is there such a disconnect between what is being taught in universities, divinity schools, and seminaries across the country, and what is being taught every Sunday from the pulpit? ... three possible explanations.

The first is that some ministers, though they learned about the conclusions and debates within Biblical scholarship while in college, never really bought into much of it. ...

The second possible explanation is simply that ministers don't want to alarm their congregations by consistently talking about the historical-critical method of Biblical scholarship. Since congregations are made up of lay-people, they might have their faith shaken if they learn that, for instance, we don't actually know who wrote most of the books of the Bible, Church tradition of authorship notwithstanding.

The third possible explanation is that pastors want to keep their jobs. ... if ... , a pastor is constantly barraging his congregation with historical scholarship instead of feel-good sermons reinforcing theirfaith, not only will he start losing members, he might even put his own job in jeopardy."



This is a whopping 69% of Christians' tithes, offerings and love gifts spent on Staff  Wages, Facilities and Administration costs. That leaves a mere 31% for everything else.  Why aren't churches taxed?

The figures for Australia are much harder to get because of their tax free exemption as a "charity". There is no public reporting of income and expenditure.

Need I remind people that churches across the world regularly say that the you are giving "for the Lord's work". Apparently the Lord's work mainly includes paying clergy and staff and upkeep on the building. You'd think the Lord (Jesus Christ Superstar) would have better things to work on such as feeding starving children in third world nations or giving us the cure for cancer. The Lord Jesus works in mysterious ways.



POMPOUS CLAIMS (OF HOW GREAT THOU ART) is my latest song written and recorded in the last couple of days.

Listen or download as a free mp3 at 

Like this song to get free a transcendent aesthetic response, catchy echoic hook and a blistering guitar solo - all in less than 3:03.


CH: Pompous claims

Time to put thy feet on earth
Think we need a little mirth
Heard the talk of how great thou art
You're a genius, oh sure thou art!
Thou so humble as all can see
Who's the fool, oh obviously!
Well, friend, I've got something to tell you


As Carl Sagan stated "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

If you and your friends promote yourself as equal in greatness to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" then you better have extraordinary evidence to prove that claim. A person is not a "fool" or "pompous" for daring to suggest that you don't meet the standard when you fail to provide extraordinary evidence for this extraordinary claim. As Dusty says "Logic. Use it."

John Lennon stated around the time of "Instant Karma" that he would like to write a song in the morning record it that day and release it that afternoon. I haven't quite matched that greatness (I'm not as great as Lennon) but I got close to the timeline. The song is based on a two threads last week. The one with the pompous claims remained while the one with the criticism of the pompous claims was removed. Don't you just love censorship?



I'd like to bring the first Christ back into Christmas.

The Hebrew word for Messiah is: Mashiaẖ מָשִׁיחַ and means ANOINTED, or Anointed One, and comes from the Hebrew verb Mashah, meaning “to anoint”, or even more generally, to “spread a liquid” – here, in the context of the role and function of Messiah, this liquid is OIL and the purpose of this anointing is to Sanctify/Make Holy/ Set Apart SO...METHING or SOMEONE for a specific purpose in the worship of the Creator God YHWH.

In the book of Genesis Jacob pours oil on top of the rock he used as a pillow in a ceremony of sanctification:

“And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and POURED OIL upon the top of it….”And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house: and of all that you shall give me I will surely give the tenth unto you.’” [Gen. 28:18, 22]

In Genesis 31:13 God recognizes this Pillar as having been ANOINTED:

“I am the God of Beth-el, where you did ANOINT (Mashachtah) מָשַׁחְתָּ a pillar, where you did vow a vow unto Me.”

So the very first Christ was a rock.

Let's put a stone back into Christmas.

Mark Tindall - "Passion Fruit" (2011)

My complete "Passion Fruit" album can be heard or uploaded for free and in exact order at my Soundclick page. They tell a story and should be listened to in track listed sequence. A year's work in 60 minutes. A wide variety of styles and approaches.
Track listing:
1. Work, Play
2. Question
3. Vision
4. Egypt
5. Take Me To The Promised Land
6. Prelude
7. Why (Made In Japan)
8. He Just Decided To Fly
9. All My Love To You
10. Alchemy (Lead To Gold)
11. Don't Want To Be Like You
12. Awake To he Wonder Of It All
13. Namaste
14. Oh God (More Than Myself)



Homosexuality - A message to Christians regarding love

Why are Christains spending so much time attempting to discriminate against homosexuals when Jesus never stated a single word about it? Loving your neighbour, as Jesus commanded, includes loving your homosexual neighbour. Negating basic human rights for homosexuals is not loving your homosexual neighbour. Why be so concerned with what two people who love each other do in the privacy of their bedroom and not be concerned with what Jesus did state about love?

Think about 1 John 4:20. How can you love your homosexual neighbour if at the same time you have the following dictionary meanings associated with homophobia:
- contempt of
- hatred for
- apprehension of
- prejudice against
- aversion to
- discrimination against

homosexuals / homosexuality?

Utterly impossible! Your love must be shown in your actions for faith without works is dead (James 2:20). Therefore you must clearly demonstrate the antonyms of the above if you truly love your homosexual neighbour:
- admiration, affection, approbation, approval, endorsement, love, regard, respect, sanction
- agreeability, calmness, contentment, enjoyment, good nature, happiness, joy, peace, pleasantness
- assurance, calmness, composure, confidence, peace, quietness, repose, security
- fairness, justice, regard, respect, tolerance
- affection, attachment, care, fondness, kindness, like, liking, love, sympathy
- fairness, tolerance


Australian same sex marriage & homophobic Christians numbers game



"the Australian Christian Lobby and the Australian Family Association presented a petition of 90,000 signatures to right-wing delegates opposed to same-sex marriage."


According to

GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality present a 140,285 signature petition supporting gay marriage. That is another 50% more than the homophobic Christian petition.

Will homophobic Christians allow the majority of citizens to have their way? Probably not. They don't care about democracy and majority public opinion.

This is just another statistic indicating the decline of Christainity in the West. The vast majority of Christians are out of touch with the society in which they live. When Christianity becomes a small minority grouop some time in the future - as will surely happen - will Christians want their basic human rights denied in the same manner that Christians have denied basic human rights for others?

It appears that the church thinks it perfectly moral to marry divorced people in church though Jesus forbad divorce in one gospel. It is also seems perfectly moral for the church to marry a greedy banker who makes a living usury that is forbidden in the bible. (The greedy banker is probably on the church board and never gets criticised for his usury.) It also appears perfectly moral for the church to marry heterosexual couples who have lived together "in sin" for several years. Unfortunately no Christian is advocating slavery today though both Old and New Testraments advocate it. Nor is any Christian lobbying for the right to commit genocide though the book of Joshua advocates it. Christians also opposed the abolition of slavery, equal rights for coloured people and the ordination of women clergy - and used bible verses for their opposition. Christians have a history of denying people their basic human rights. Christians are very selective in which bits of the bible they want to follow. It is dictated by the prejudice they already hold.
According to statistics the majority of Aussies support gay marriage (60%). Homophobic Christians are in the minority (37%). . Jesus never spoke about homosexuality so it can't be an important issue. Christian homophobic fear mongering is far in excess to the percentage of time Jesus spent on the matter. The contemporary church appears to be homophobic and to have forgotten how to love their neighbour which includes homosexual couples. Homophobic Christians are trying to deny two homosexual people made in God's image and in love the basic human right to marry. Homophobic Christian rants on the matter use the same type of arguments that racist Christians used against integration and sexist Christians used to deny women the right to be clergy.

Arguments for same-sex marriage include those which are based upon what is regarded as a universal human rights issue, mental and physical health concerns, equality before the law, and the goal of normalizing LGBT relationships.

Homophobic Christians are discriminating against a group of people and denying their basic human rights based soley on homophobic prejudice regarding their sexuality. The statistics in other countries also plainly show that none of theose countries now have people advocating marrying multiple partners, or animals or anything else negative raised by the homophobic chorus of Christians in Australia.

In Atlanta 1964 Martin Luther King spoke about how few of the white churches supported him in the quest for basic human rights for negroes: "Too much of the white church is timid and ineffectual, and some of it is shrill in its defense of bigotry and prejudice. In most communities the spirit of the stus quo is endorsed by the churches." The same could be said about the church and its homophobic stance against same sex marriage.

It should also be noted that homophobia is turning people off church in Australia.  I quote from

"New research into Christianity in Australia has revealed that religious intolerance to homosexuality is a key reason why people reject the church.Almost 30% of those surveyed by Christian media group Olive Tree Media say the stance of churches on homosexuality blocked them from engaging with Christianity".  Do you Christians want more people in your church? Try getting rid of yopur homophobia.

Homophobic Christians do not have the right to force their minority opinion on the majority of the population. In the future those that have opposed same sex marriage will be looked upon in the same way we now view racists, sexists and slave owners. The only question is when same sex marriage will become law.