Homosexuality - A message to Christians regarding love

Why are Christains spending so much time attempting to discriminate against homosexuals when Jesus never stated a single word about it? Loving your neighbour, as Jesus commanded, includes loving your homosexual neighbour. Negating basic human rights for homosexuals is not loving your homosexual neighbour. Why be so concerned with what two people who love each other do in the privacy of their bedroom and not be concerned with what Jesus did state about love?

Think about 1 John 4:20. How can you love your homosexual neighbour if at the same time you have the following dictionary meanings associated with homophobia:
- contempt of
- hatred for
- apprehension of
- prejudice against
- aversion to
- discrimination against

homosexuals / homosexuality?

Utterly impossible! Your love must be shown in your actions for faith without works is dead (James 2:20). Therefore you must clearly demonstrate the antonyms of the above if you truly love your homosexual neighbour:
- admiration, affection, approbation, approval, endorsement, love, regard, respect, sanction
- agreeability, calmness, contentment, enjoyment, good nature, happiness, joy, peace, pleasantness
- assurance, calmness, composure, confidence, peace, quietness, repose, security
- fairness, justice, regard, respect, tolerance
- affection, attachment, care, fondness, kindness, like, liking, love, sympathy
- fairness, tolerance