Secrets of Christian Musicians By The "Master Manipulator" Himself - Larry Norman

I learnt a great deal of stage presentation from the Master Manipulator himself, Larry Norman the Father of Christian Rock. Christians attending his concerts had no idea how much of their feelings were manipulated by simple psychological tricks and working the microphone that Larry used and that Larry told to a bunch of us musicians in Sydney. So much for the so-called "anointng"!
Tricks included:
- Stance (slightly on the ball of your feet to give the impresion of urgency)
- Use of microphone (close to the mike gives that warm and sincere sound)
- Eye contact (focus your eyes on something and you will appear more engaged an trustworthy)
- Tempo and scales can be used to manipluate feelings. Slow songs and minor keys for the tear jerk reaction. Fast songs and major keys to get the crowd excited.
- Lighting will set the mood
- Lyrical hooks matter
- How you dress and look matters
- Get applause after a number by breaking eye contact and remaining still for a few seconds.