I can't believe the Christian hatred

Christians in the past have shown their love of their neighbour by banning:
- dancing
- drinking alcohol
- remarrying after divorce
- working on Sabbath/Sunday
- women clergy
- rock and roll
- masturbation
- artworks

During some periods Christians murdered others who had different viewpoints. You only have to look at the Crusades, Inquisitions and Witch Hunts that litter its history.

Today Trew Kistyuns ( those that say they are real Christians - True Christians - not like other Christians who apparently not real Christians at all) are demonstrating their luv towards gays, lesbians, transvestites, Moselms and Islam. Apparently Trew Kristyuns believe they would be better off dead and want to kill them for Jesus ... or at least lock them up in a detention centre or prison! How very loving ..... not!

One Christian FB friend has condoned the mass murder by Joshua in the bible and thinks we should act in the same way towards the people in the above list. Murder them for Jesus because God obviously hates them! Trew Kristyuns will obviously need to start up new Crusades, Inquisitions and Witch Hunts in order for this to happen and, of course, all the sane people and sane Christians who oppose it will likewise have to be murdered for Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  All this must take place before the fulfilment of Revelation when Jesus comes back and murders all the non-Christians for them.  That means soon because Trew Kristyuns tell us that Jesus will fly through the sky like Superman any day now in the Rapture to take them away as this is the last generation.  I only hope that happens very soon so that the rest of the world are protected from these crazy Trew Kristyuns.

Can't you just feel the luv oozing out of Trew Kristyuns? It makes you feel all soft and gooey inside - like gangrene from shrapnel.

What sane people think genocide is a viable option? None. It is only bible addicted insane fundamentalist Christians who hold the hate-filled opinions above.

What is absolutely missing from the views above is Jesus' second greatest commandment to love your neighbour.  You cannot love your neighbour by killing or harming him / her.  Love is about care and minimising hurt and harm.

I have seen the enemy.  The enemy is fundamentalism of all religions.  Intolerant and hate-filled. Lacking love for their neighbour. Christian fundamentalists are bible-addicted crazies for Jesus just itching for another war.