My latest song "Wander Wonder" from the 2015 album " The Place".



Living here in paradise
Filled with sun and cloudless skies
Here I am without a care
Wandering through with wondrous stare


Wandering through the garden
An apple in my hand
Wondering in the garden

Amazing times moving slow
Don’t ask me how it grows
Nature breathes, it’s meaning hides
Hidden truth till views collide

Life grows old and time ticks out
I wonder what it’s all about
Night and day, life and death
While I take another breath

Asking questions all my life
Count the doubts out in the light
What’s divine and who am I
What’s that spark that’s in your eye

How’d I get from there to here
What’s that whisper in my ear
Talking snake with prying eyes
Reptile breath and tricky lies

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