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Dream away
Dream, dream, dream away
Dream away
Dream away the pain


Now you’re gone I said goodbye
Final farewell, tear in eye
No regrets or forget in the flow
I thought I’d let you know

I walk away from your wake
Feeling sad without mistake
All the things we shared and won
Precious gifts now life is done

One day here and next you’re gone
Far too short to sing your song
You flew away, God knows where
I’m left here to stare

I miss you much. It’s my loss
Grief is strange, mysterious
I saw your smile, it’s in my brain
I take it out and play again

Seconds, minutes, hours and days
One by one they slip away
I saw your face in the night
I think you’ll be alright


CH: //: Am / G / Am / C ://

VS: //: D / Am / D / Am ;//

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