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Chordal Sequence:


//: D D sus4://
//:A Asus 4://
//:D Dsus 4://


C / G / D
C / G / D
C /D / G
C / D


D9 / D / D sus 4 / D


Crazy people, crazy times
Crazy world, crazy crimes
Crazy me, crazy you
Crazy living, crazy fools


Mummy, I’m losing my mind
Daddy ain’t got enough time
He’s going crazy in this crazy world
He’s going crazy, crazy

Crazy school, crazy taught
Crazy scene, crazy thought
Crazy plot, crazy game
Crazy stars, crazy fame

Crazy acts, crazy talk
Crazy running, crazy walk
Crazy living, crazy dying
Crazy laughter, crazy crying

Crazy work, crazy fun
Crazy living, crazy money
Money, money money, money
Money, money, money