MULTIPLE PROBLEMS WITH ATHEISM: Part 2 Lack Of A Positive Argument For Atheism

There is no positive argument for atheism. It proceeds by the negative road of criticising theism. It states that theism is wrong but gives no positive viewpoint for atheism. When you mention that verifiable fact atheists then assert that they do indeed have a positive argument and then proceed with an argument that uses "no ... not ... none" and words with negative connotation such as "ïnvalid" and "insufficient". When you point out the verifiable fact that such an argument is in fact a negative argument using negative words and negative statements and not a positive argument using positive words and positive statements they act like a stunned mullet.

A negative argument against theism is not a positive argument for atheism. They both could be wrong.

Why would anyone want to join a group that is against theism when that same group has no positive argument for it's own existence? A-theism is as irrelevant to daily life as a-invisiblepinkunicornism or a-fairyism or a-flyingspaghettimonsterism or a-santaclausism or a-toothfairyism or a-leprechaunism.

Can atheists provide proof that atheism is 100% correct? If there is any element of doubt (something less than 100%) then there is a possibility of God.

Atheists should be able to prove there is no God if that is actually true as one can prove a negative despite the mantra of "you can't prove a negative" that floods atheism.


It is widely believed that you can’t prove a negative. Some people even think that it is a law of logic- you can’t prove that Santa Claus, unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster, God, pink elephants, WMD in Iraq and Bigfoot don’t exist. This widespread belief is flatly, 100% wrong. In this little essay, I show precisely how one can prove a negative, to the same extent that one can prove anything at all.