Piss off a songwriter and you are likely to become the subject of one of his songs. This song, " For The Armchair Critics", is dedicated to H.D. and his Moronic Spammers. HD proclaims to the world on his Facebook page that he is proud to be a low brow moron ...

Which elevator plays your muzak? "Sometime and the living is queasey.... Yeehah!"
Hear it at

5 chords that the armchair critics can work out ... maybe. 



I hear you that you yodel
As a country yokel
Performing yeehah solo
At the local Bowlo (Yeehah!)


Which elevator plays your muzak?
I’d like to know

Uninformed opinion
Education none
Fat lazy bum
Smart as a crumb

You know what music’s bad
As an ignorant lad
You say my music sux
As if I give a …

Give me a number.
Show me which elevator.
It's gotta be one of them.
Well my opinion is ...
I said ...

"Sometime and the living is queasy!
Sometime and the living is real queasy!"