My latest song "Daily Dreams Playing Nightly Tricks" from the 2013 album "Urban Dreams". Listen or download as free mp3 at
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... //: Em / A2 / D9 / A2 :// 8x
/ D9 / G6 / D9 / G6 /
/Em / A2 / D9 / A2 / G6 /
/Em / A2 / D9 / A2 /


Head upon the pillow, thoughts come flowing fast
Fears of the future, thoughts from distant past
Darkness floods the room, shadows cross the walls
Silence so noisy, echoes down the hall


It's nothing unusual but something I'd like to fix
It's just my daily dreams playing nightly tricks

Hiding in the wardrobe, dark entangled view
Crying in the moonlight, playing possum crew
White ants in the woodwork, saucers in the sky
Grey sloth rules the office, cat eats pigeon pie

Hire wire acrobat, jester circus clown,
Working in the big top, fooling all around
Blind girl painting pictures, dead man being fed
Dancer in the garden with earworm in her head

Airships in the heavens, flying fish in cars
Dazzling neon starlight captured in a jar
Leeches on the payroll, deaf mute on the phone
Walking backwards down the stairs, turning into stone