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Good to hear your voice
So nice to see your face
Thought I was going mad
Locked up in this place
Been whiling away the hours
Behind this wooden door
Praying for a change
Hoping for something more


Time flies
Time flies away

Catching up on life
Hearing all your news
Thankful for your company
Liking your point of view
It’s been far far too long
Between our face to face
In our busy schedules
Got to make some sharing space

It seems like yesterday
Meeting in our youth
Your smile lit up the sky
Your voice spoke ageless truth
Dancing in the moonlight
You bared your very soul
The stars looked upon us
They shared our common goals

Now to the future
To meeting up together
To lives filled with joy
May friendship last forever
To many more birthdays
To endless growth as friends
To caring for each other
Whatever’s round the bend