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Words fall around and around and hit the ground
Words fall around and around to the ground


You ask me what I think
What I like and what I drink
But it doesn’t really matter anymore
It’s a talkfest without goals
Run by apes without souls
Who jabber as they try to steal the floor

This one thinks he’s right
He loves a verbal fight
He likes to hear the sound of his own voice
She thinks she’s the one
With truth and smoking gun
But she’s just adding to the awful noise

He’ll tell you with no fear
All the things you want to hear
He’s doing all his usual dirty tricks
She’ll smile and cut your throat
Doesn’t think that you should vote
She’s a headache far too large to fix

I’ve really had enough
Of all this verbose stuff
Let me hide in the corner in the shade
Give me earplugs, save my ears
Give me peace as battle nears
Let their distant voices echo and fade