"A WORK IN PROGRESS" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "A Work In Progress" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at

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This is my time on earth
Growing since human birth
I’m all made of dirt
Shaped by love and hurt
Age made me who I am
No alternative plan

CH: I’m a work in progress
As if you hadn’t noticed

Music of mindful breath
Breathed from birth to death
Every wrinkle tells a story
Aiming for life and glory
Heat of passion fires my soul
Keeps me sane and makes me whole

Love running through my veins
Beneath the droll mundane
Visions dreamed in my sleep
Spirit diving in the deep
Walking through shadows and stones
Never feeling quite alone

Thousands of fires above
Millions of gifts in love
Star-eyed stranger amazed
Beauty abounds in gaze
The sun shines after the rain
There’s laughter after the pain