Larry Norman's "Baroquen Spirits" and my deconversion from Christianity

Larry Norman's "So Long Ago The Garden" cover with the original nude photo that showed his rude bits. His former wife Pamela states that she took the photograph and he was definitely in the nude.  The rude bits were not added by MGM as Larry later stated.

His song "Baroquen Spirits" off this album speaks to me of my deconversion from Christianity and helped me through many a lonely dark time.  Listen to it at

My comments on this song in *[...]


Waiting around since last night sitting in your garden chair

*[ In the garden like Van Morrison states in the song of the same name "Just you, me, the Father, the son and the holy ghost in the garden wet with rain".]

When you decide to come home I suppose I'll still be there

*[ I was always waiting for church to catch up to where I was. I always felt it was retarded in development. Empty promises of "deeper teaching" that never eventuated. My uni studies in philosophy helped me far more than any theology.]

Everything comes to the man waits for everything to come
But what can he do when the thing he wants the most he's farthest from

*[I was groomed to want acceptance by other Christians and the pastor.]

Yes I guess I see your point
Patience growing thin
How can you respect a man who needs you more than you need him

Baroquen spirits do you love me
Baroquen spirits I can't say
Baroquen spirits do you love me
Baroquen spirits I can't say

*[ Other Christians were always in a love / hate relationship with me. I was a trouble maker.]

Give me your love or let go but don't play with my affairs

*[ Other Christians were constantly interferring with my life.]

Kiss me goodbye or hello but don't take lightly what we share

* [ I was always treated as a spiritual inferior - the "lowest of the spiritual low" - for daring to question.]

What will I do if you tell me that you love me not at all
I'll charter a ship to the edge of the world and sail off

* [One at first wonders what is possible if Christianity is wrong. Then one's eyes are opened to the trillions of possibilities one never thought of as a Christian. Life is so much richer in every possible way.]