"DON'T YOU DARE" - Mark Tindall (2012)

My latest song "Don't You Dare" (copyright Mark Tindall 2012) which may be listened to or downloaded as a free mp3 at http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11715424

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Hate your dirty tricks and your lying tongue
Your slimy deceit needs to be undone
You hide in the shadows, stab in the back
Your PR image is worn and cracked

Don’t you smear me
Don’t you cross me
Don’t you fight me
Don’t you dare

Can’t trust what you say, I hate what you do
If you were a target I’d throw my shoe
Smiling assassin, ignorant fool
Heartless bastard, crazed and cruel

Don’t call around, don’t drop in here
Don’t bring your stench and stinking fear
Crawl back to your darkened hole
Nothing you do will save your soul