New song entitled "Dying In Paradise"

My new song "Dying In Paradise" is partly inspied about the Occupy movement but about all corporate and political greed that ignores the plight of the poor. Hear it or download it for free at http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11489141



Working for nothing
Living for taxes
Moving in stupor
Breathing in toxins
Sleeping for pleasure
Living in boxes
Dying in paradise


A rule for the rich and one for the poor
Struggling to live outside the door
Palace on fire, don’t want no more
It’s your fault, you screwed the poor

Tell me now, what’s life for?
Profit and stocks so you earn more?
You greedy bastards trample the poor
It ain’t right, won’t take no more

Occupied, this is war
Fighting to live with tooth and claw
Tensions high, emotions raw
Ain’t no knowing what’s in store  

Chordal sequence
CH: //: Em / D D(G) D :// Em / Em7 / Em
VS: //:A / G /: //