"Don't Blame Me (Close Your Eyes)" - New song

"Don't Blame Me (Close Your Eyes)" is my newst song. It can be heard or downloaded as a free mp3 at  http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11532920  A twelve bar blues in E with a simple middle.



Monsters in the wardrobe
Rock spiders in the church
Bullies in the workplace
Demons in your hurts


Don’t blame me for what you see
Close your eyes and go to sleep

Racists in the mob
Guilty let off free
Greedy on the take
Wounds that always bleed

Saviours on the cross
Zombies in the way
Gunshots in the night
Workers without pay

Bigotry for sale
Crippled in their cars
Philistines in the clubs
Talentless as stars

Sociopaths as heads
Slaves who always work
Heartless with no brains
Long lost fiends with perks

TV with no news
Pollies with no truth
Radio with kitsch
Heroes quite uncouth