Deamtime (Talking To You)

"Dreamtime (Talking to You)" is my new song featuring an Australian didgeridoo. At all functions Aussies now respect the traditional owners of the land. For me that is the Mindaribba tribe. The Dreamtime myths have much wisdom if you listen.

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What do I know as whitey here
Living in comfort, drinking beer
I know of the past and genocide
I know of the shame that whitey hides

CH: Dreamtime talking to you

Convict settlers on island hurled
White man living in black man's world
White man unsettled, no centre in life
Looking for an answer for trouble and strife

Visions in sleep and visions awake
Love this land for goodness' sake
Totem and tribe all joined as one
Enjoying life under Aussie sun

Sorry's not enough, what more can I say
Got to move on to a better day
Respect the elders and the sacred land
Reach out now, take your brother's hand   

Copyright 2012 Mark Tindall. From the proposed "Rockland" album.