POMPOUS CLAIMS (OF HOW GREAT THOU ART) is my latest song written and recorded in the last couple of days.

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Like this song to get free a transcendent aesthetic response, catchy echoic hook and a blistering guitar solo - all in less than 3:03.


CH: Pompous claims

Time to put thy feet on earth
Think we need a little mirth
Heard the talk of how great thou art
You're a genius, oh sure thou art!
Thou so humble as all can see
Who's the fool, oh obviously!
Well, friend, I've got something to tell you


As Carl Sagan stated "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

If you and your friends promote yourself as equal in greatness to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" then you better have extraordinary evidence to prove that claim. A person is not a "fool" or "pompous" for daring to suggest that you don't meet the standard when you fail to provide extraordinary evidence for this extraordinary claim. As Dusty says "Logic. Use it."

John Lennon stated around the time of "Instant Karma" that he would like to write a song in the morning record it that day and release it that afternoon. I haven't quite matched that greatness (I'm not as great as Lennon) but I got close to the timeline. The song is based on a two threads last week. The one with the pompous claims remained while the one with the criticism of the pompous claims was removed. Don't you just love censorship?