ALEX LEGG IS NOT AS GREAT / EQUAL TO "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" as claimed. For stating this obvious fact ALEX LEGG called me "pompous" and "party pooper", his lover ISOBEL BLACKTHORNE called me "fool" and their sycophant best friend PETER ALEXANDER SHIELDS asserted that Alex was indeed a genius. I was then blocked and banned from the Facebook page owned by Demi Denton for daring to criticise this grandiose pompous claim.

I have also received several personal insults of "fool" and "prick" by Alex Legg himself on my Facebook personal and musician pages and on Youtube for daring to daring to have the opinion that Alex Legg is not as great as / equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".  Alex Legg is still finding new ways to personally insult me a month later for daring to have this opinion. This poor little fellow's ego is in shock that someone doesn't see his "obvious" genius - "obvious genius" was mentioned repeatedly by Isobel Blackthorn and Peter Shields.


Alex's site is at He has a rejected Wikipedia page at .

Alex Legg, of Croydon, Victoria, has no record sales, concert attendances or Grammy Awards equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".  He plays on a Sunday at the Burrinja Cafe, Upwey, Victoria.

Interesting that the songs Alex is playing on I LIKE IT as his own compositions are actually credited to him and his ex-wife Jenny. Alex and Jenny recorded three albums together as a Christian duo – Falling off the Edge of the World 1993, Granite Stones and Clay 1996 and True Stories 2002. Co-credits are mentioned on "You Better Do Something".  See

What do others think about Alex legg's music? Here are some reviews ...


JENNY & ALEX LEGG - True Stories (ICC)

... Alex takes more time to make an impression ...  The album's main fault though, is that it starts well, goes through a (albeit long) good phase and then peters out. ...  Sound-wise the Leggs know the 1990s never happened, stuck as they are firmly in the 80s ... Paul Ganney. (September 1999)


Quoting Alex Legg from
" Alex believes that the world doesn't owe anyone a platform to perform and succeed as singer/songwriters. It's a status that has to be earned." Maybe he should take his own advice.

The failed song "Heaven Help Me" was pitched to Joe Cocker and rejected.

Listen to my answer to his pompous claims in a song called "Pompous Claims (Of How Great Thou Art)" at 

In our times, various ideologically dedicated groups increasingly use censorship, coercion, or propaganda to limit access to ideas, literature, and the arts that they consider threatening. p.74

Censorship, the twin brother of propaganda, is the tool of despots, of ideologues, of ayatollahs, of fanatics. p.96

Franky Schaeffer~"Sham Pearls For Real Swine" ( Wolgemuth & Hyatt; Brentwood:1990)

For daring to suggest that Alex Legg is NOT as great as / equal "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" as claimed I am getting repeated abusive posts by his illiterate fans such as this piece of luv received on Facebook on Christmas Eve from Rob Harwood of Harwood Archive Studios, Montmorency, Victoria.

"... you fuckwit .... as for the alex legg bullshit cease and desist ... what a useless fuckwaster idiot"

I am now going to list the names of every one of the illiterate scumbag Alex Legg fans who send me such pieces of abuse.

My call for a boycott on Alex Legg's music is all about the right to have a personal opinion of a piece of music that is different to that of the musician, his lover and best friends. I maintain that it is totally appropriate to have such opinions. No-one should dictate to another that they must have a specific opinion on art. No two two people have 100% agreement on all matters to do with art.

SO ... if someone states that Alex Legg is as great as / equal "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon" then it is totally moral and ethically permissable for someone else to state the opposite. For this very simple and basic idea regarding human rights I have been continually attacked by Alex Legg, Isobeth Blackthorn and Peter Shields and blocked from Demi Denton's I LIKE IT page for musicians to share their music and repeatedly abused by Alex Legg fanatics.

I think their infantile behaviour in this matter speaks heaps about themselves. I have blocked more abusive insults on this topic over the first week of this pomopous nonsense than the whole of my time on Facebook. Really weird people. I really don't understand the infantile mindset that doesn't allow people an opinion about art. Grow up and get an education.

Here is the lastest pompous foolish message from Alex Legg posted to my Youtube account a month after my comment on Demi Denton's wall - 08/01 /12


Here's something to think about, if you're capable of thought...

 A Philosopher? - but you're incapable of thought! ...
 An educator? But you're incapable of learning!  ...

*[Alex goes on to quote how wonderful and marvellous he is from Alex Legg fanatics with the following illiterate poorly punctuated comnments ]

.... what a wanker! ....
bullshit sherie  ... a complete wanker----but then again all publicity is good publicity ... he is a jelous (sic) phobe (sic) !!!!...  his crap!!! Oh & his music is crap!!!!! ... Talk about being in the playground.How old is this guy??Sounds like a bit of jelousy (sic) to me,u (sic) cant (sic) help being so good and having a talent .... Have a blinding Crimbo.xxxx  ... let this idiot eat shit.have a nice day. (sic)


Other comments left on Alex Legg's Youtube site by his illiterate fanatics ....


...  He has just experienced digital flaming for the first time. *[ Obviously from Alex Legg and his illiterate fanatics.]   ... Tindall is calculating and quite dedicatedly intent on causing harm. *[Sure, a well known pacifist such as myself is intent on harm because he dares to disagree with foolish pompous claims. What a moronic claim! Stating an opinion about music is not harm. How can this imbecile read minds? ]  ... Mr Tindall does infact (sic) recognise the genius of Alex Legg *[ No, I have repeatedly stated that I don't think Alex Legg is a genius. ] ... hey (sic) he's the psychologist not me *[ This moron doesn't know the difference between a philosopher and a psychologist.] ... a review of his pathetic lyricless ditty "Pompous Claims" (wot (sic) a title, eh?) *[ Yes, WHAT a title! So apt! Yet the real title is "Pompous Claims (OF HOW GREAT THOU ART)". You forgot the part in brackets which references the pompous claims about Alex Legg. ] ...  I'll keep you all posted daily about him. Not too time consuming....*[ I'll keep the world updated on the Alex Legg pompous foolishness via this article which is now appearing on Google everytime you enter in the search "Alex Legg" ;-)] ...  * [Next comment by Alex Legg] ... please stop this silly personal feud! *[ Yes, please do, pompous foolish  Alex. How many different accounts do I have to block of yours with repeated insults to me privately? It's not doing you any favours as I will post your private insults here for all to see how childish you are.] ... *[Fanatic posts continue.] eez mate! what a wanker!  ...  Wow,just (sic) read that ridiculous blog of Mark Tindall's!!! *[ Aw, thanks!  Amazing how many illiterate morons are so upset because I dared to state that Alex Legg is not as great as / equal to "Dylan / Waites / Cohen /Simon / Lennon".] ....


Yes, they sound like real educated people .............. not!  Foolish little kiddies playing silly little childish games with a pompous fool.

My friends have stated:~


- [John Smith (Australian Christian evangelist)] ... Alex is an old friend, but certainly any of us as performers (including myself as a story-teller/proclaimer), must recognize people have a right to analyze our performance, make comparisons etc without it being taken as personal attack. Though I have enjoyed some of his songs I certainly don't think he comes anywhere near Dylan, Cohen, Waites Simon or Lennon ...
- I have never heard of the man in the music world.
- Who is Alex Legg ? I've never heard of him.

- As they say - small things amuse small minds, and small minds think of such stupid things to say.
 ... let the silly gits get what they deserve - which is nothing.

-  He isn't obviously worried about his 'reputation' ............considering I have never heard of the dude. If he was so good wouldn't he be mainstream?
- lol "award winning artist." They're all local Scottish awards.
- Hmmm - legitimate to say that while I may *not* necessarily like Dylan/Waites/Cohen/Simon/Lennon, I've *never even heard* of Legg - so to me, that kind of makes him, erm, not as great as the others...
- Never heard of him.....
- I also plead ignorance of Mr Legg.
- Who the heck is Alex Legg?????
- Never heard of him ................. can't be that famous.......
- OK............. never heard of him.
- Never heard of the guy...Alex Legg.....but if he comes up...he's off my list forever...sounds like a real creep!!

- Boy, sounds ridiculous.
- I always found musical tastes to be subjective, but making big claims is another matter entirely.
- The ones who attempt to "Equal" great people in music or even the arts in general tend to fail to do so because the greats they're trying to emulate are the ones who broke new ground and did not attempt to equal those who came before them, but rather surpassed.


Also many more artists, musicians and friends I have spoken to locally who say the same as the comments above. 

Stay tuned as there are sure to be more illiterate bits of crap posted by Alex Legg and his fanatics.