Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is coming back to kill nonbelievers

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who loves you so much that he died for you, and who told you to forgive your enemies and love your neighbour and turn the other cheek, is coming back to kill all the nonbelievers.

Revelation 19: 11 - 16

And now I saw heaven open, and a white horse appear; its rider was called Trustworthy and True; in uprightness he judges and makes war. His eyes were flames of fire, and he was crowned with many coronets; the name written on him was known only to himself, his cloak was soaked in blood. He is known by the name, The Word of God. Behind him, dressed in linen of dazzling white, rode the armies of heaven on white horses. From his mouth came a SHARP SWORD with which to STRIKE THE UNBELIEVERS; he is the one who will rule them with an iron sceptre, and tread out the wine of Almighty God's fierce retribution. On his cloak and on his thigh a name was written: King of kings and Lord of lords.