The infinite One God and the finite bible

Some Christians  assume that God wrote a book. They assume that God somehow gave the bible writers the words to say either by inspiration or by direct dictation. They assume that the bible is "God's Word" though the bible never calls the whole of the bible "God's Word". They assume that the bible is "God's manual" and has everything that you need to know for life.  They look over the fact that the gospel of mark has sevceral endings by several different authors over different time periods. What is the one and only true ending to Mark's gospel? Couldn't God make up his mind about it?

They also assume that bible is a coherent whole book. The bible is like a library - a series of books written by different people at different times. Every book has also been edited so we don't have any original author's words. It is a nice sourcebook of what people believed about God and their experiences of God but you don't necessarily understand God by trying to emulate other people's experience of God and neglecting to have your own or by following their methods which may not be suitable to yourself. All the people who wrote the bible are the same as you or I. They have the same direct access to God and hear God in exactly the same way.

Furthermore the bible is a finite book and God is infinte. It is silly to think that a infinite God can be fully explained in a finite book. There must be other truths of the infinite God outside the finite book.  The bible is not the final word on anything.  For example, science tells us far more about "creation" than the bible does.