Are God and Jesus hiding?

50 Renowned Academics Speaking About God

It is obvious that these intelligent people cannot find God in the universe. God is definitely not blatant and obvious. God appears to be hiding. It may be that God can only be found by subjective methodology but then that limits knowledge of God to only those who are trained in that method. Nor is God easily found in bible verses when the bible verses are not interpreted in the same way by all people. God has not made his "Word" very clear or obvious and has not taken the time to make sure that there were unedited eyewitness reports in the bible that could not be refuted by anyone. The gospels are a very poor record of God if Jesus is God.

Now, if God cannot be found by educated people then the possibility is either:
1.- God does not exist
2.- We are looking for God in the wrong places
3.- We are looking for a wrong type of God

I do not think that God exists like we exist. All proofs of God's existence fail. However, God MUST exist for Christians as Jesus existed and is supposedly still an existent person. Christians also MUST have a personal God for Jesus is a person. So ALL Christian search for God is limited by this notion. As 2000 years of searching for a personal God has dismally failed - and the results are horrendously worse for trying to find Jesus currently in the universe - it is about time to look elsewhere at what God might be. That means ditching Jesus as God.