My new song - "Don't Want To Be Like You"

"DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU" - my latest raw minimalist rock song for the proposed 2011 album "Passion Fruit". Listen or download as a free mp3.  Many other songs also available at

Feel the angst, feel the pain
You’re alive and death’s a stain
Hate, grief real despair
Love ain’t found anywhere

Fear, doubt, sign of the time
Impatience now, white collar crime
TV news from downtown pub

Shock jock radio by a grub
Worry warts wear life down
Rorting by political clowns

My personal space is in your face

Don't tell me what to do
Don't want to be like you

Cybercriminal hidden crime
Ethics left in your behind
Terrorist bombing plane highjack
Petty drug thief dazed carjack
Drink, drive, DUI
Smile at the camera in the sky

Illiterate scumbag real mean looks
Rumble now is on the books
Violent images in my face
Noxious thug put in his place
My personal space is in your face

Barking orders of what to think
Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t drink
I got a gutful, I’m fed up
I really wish that you’d shut up
Give it a break, give it a rest
Put a sock in it you serial pest

Yes, you’re right, pigs might fly
You’d believe any silly lie
You wouldn’t know north from south
Bullshit flowing from your mouth

My personal space is in your face