Former Christian musician / Christian School Principal Deconverts Part 3

Rowland Croucher's only contact with me since the thread. It is interesting that every mention of "fuck"has been censored on the thread. One cannot tell intolerant fundamentalist Christians to go fuck themselves. It must be censored. The word "fuck" is apparently more offensive than the abuse that intolerant fundamentalist Christians use to bully people.


.... But please get some help
I've admired your quest for rationality: but there's an irrational streak in your current behaviour.
Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist - a good one?
You're in my prayers (whatever they're worth :-)



There is absolutely no irrationality in my decision to finally deconvert from Christianity. It is extremely well thought through over a period of years. I am not finished with God but I am definitely finished with Christianity and the church.

My psychiatrist's fellow psychiatrist (and friend) is an ex-Christian who has been through the same living hell as I have been through in church and with fundamentalist Christians. My psychiatrist appludes my stance as an Exiled Believer. Ironic (not irenic) how my PSTD was partially caused by Christians. I will be mentioning that in my deconversion blog.

Post some material about how a Christian for 39 years finally deconverted because of repeated abuse by intolerant hate-filled fundamentalist Christians on your thread about "loving words". I dare you. Do an exit interview with me and post it in full (uncensored) on your blog on why I left Christianity. I dare you. I will certainly be doing so.

I am not the perpetrator, I am the victim of this repeated abuse. You would realise this if you had bothered to read all the posts. I asked you for help and you gave none. I am greatly disappointed that you feel fit to re-crucify the victim. This is a nauseous trait I find repeatedly in pastors. How very Christian of you!

I don't need your prayers because they don't work. What I needed as a PTSD sufferer was loving action against repeated abuse but you never gave it.

On Judgement Day my conscience will be clear. I gave Christianity a good shot. No love was forthcoming from Christians. The worship of a human as the infinite One God Yahweh is absolutely repulsive to me. No-one could negate what I had to say regarding Jesus' greatest commandment only referencing Yahweh as in the Shema. The worship of a finite human Jewish peasant - Jesus - is pure idol worship. You can only do it by performing a series of mental gymnastics to make a finite Jesus into the infinite One God Yahweh. I am not prepared to believe such obvious myths. Christians don't even know who they should worship and refuse to follow Jesus' two greatest commandments! I am living proof of that.

I will not defriend you (yet). I am open to all views and opinions unlike the "loving" rabid intolerant ignorant fundamentalists in the threads on your post about "loving words". How ironic! (Irenic was never there with my opponents.)


Will Rowland Croucher do an exit interview uncensored and post it on his blog? Of course not! My testimony is far too damaging to Christianity.