Former Christian musician / Christian School Principal Deconverts Part 4

Christian hatred drove me from Christianity but so did Christian addictions and the utter brain-numbing boredom of church and boring sermons.

The best sermon times I had were with my kids in the park playing on the swings and walking. I remember these times fondly. Outside with my kids while my wife listened to the sermon. My kids were bored with the sermon. So was I. I remember so few sermons from my 39 years of bondage in Christianity. They were all dumbed down simplistic nonsense. Pastors say that they spend 10 to 20 hours preparing the rubbish. It took me less than 2 minutes to prepare half hour talks as a teacher. Pastors are wasting their time and your money if it really takes them 10 to 20 hours to prepare a sermon. This is the type of "Lord's work" that your tithes, offerings and love gifts support.

The worst thing I ever did as a Christian was place my kids in a Christian school. The best thing I ever did for their education was to take them out and place them in a Public School a year later. Another best thing was that I eventually told them that they didn't have to attend church if they didn't want to. My kids didn't need to share my addiction to church. However church addiction is not the primary addictions of Christianity.

Christians are addicted to the bible.

Christians are addicted to Jesus.

The bible and Jesus are Christianity's two most important addictions.

I use the term addicted in the dictionary sense: "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming ... to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.... the condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit." (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/addiction)

The Christian addiction is in that order. The bible is far more important to Christians than Jesus as I will explain.


Christians read and quote the bible more than any other activity. Most of the time in their "Christian walk" is devoted to this activity. They spend more time on it than prayer. They spend more time on it than having sex. The bible is the Christian idol. They believe it to be "God's Word" and a "life manual" written by God. They find out God's will by reading it. It is a really handy way to find out what you should do. There are so many contradictions in the bible by multiple authors, editors and forgers that all you have to do is think about what you really want to do, go the bible and find a verse that suits you. Bingo! You can do whatever you want to do. You have a bible verse and that's all that matters.

The bible is also essential for addiction to Jesus. Abraham could know God without a bible and Paul says in Romans 1 that one can know God by looking at the universe but no Christian can know Jesus without a bible. You can't know Jesus any other way than by reading a bible. This is how Jesus talks to you and how you have a "personal relationship" with Jesus. The bible is therefore the primary addiction as without it you cannot be addicted to Jesus. Addiction to the bible leads to addiction to Jesus.


Jesus is more important to Christians than Father God (Yahweh) mentioned in Jesus' greatest commandment. Jesus is supposed to be God's son however the Holy Spirit is supposed to have been the one who impregnated Mary so strictly speaking Jesus is really son of the Holy Spirit. However Jesus may well be his own father as 1 god Yahweh+ 1 god Jesus + 1 god Holy Spirit = 1 god. If you have seen Jesus you have seen the father. Don't think about the maths or the logic too much. Especially don't think about how a finite dead Jewish peasant can really be the infinite One God. Both Judaism and Islam rightly say that it is nonsense.

Christians mentioned Jesus far more times than Father God (Yahweh) and the Holy Spirit gets very little mention except in pentecostal churches. One can go to a church service and only hear talk about Jesus. One also hears the term "the lord" a lot. I have never been able to tell whether it meant the LORD God (Yahweh) or the lord / boss Jesus. It think it is puposely used because of that confusion.

You are supposed to ask Jesus into your heart. How is this possible for a dead Jewish peasant? Won't he block up your arteries? Of course not! Christianese phrases that make no sense in the real world abound in Christianity. It means that Jesus should be the core of your life. You have to be totally addicted to Jesus and never question.

In your addiction to Jesus you constantly ask "What Would Jesus Do?" and the answer to the question gives you the correct Christian action. Would Jesus choose the blue or geen shirt? Would Jesus put balsamic dressing or thousand island's dressing on his salad? Would Jesus use the doggy or missionary position? The options are endless.

That's it. Be addicted to the bible and Jesus and you will nicely fit into any Christian church.

Dare question anything about the bible or Jesus and you will be crucified. That was my experience - repeatedly. Christians love to crucify those who ask questions. It's their hobby. Everyone has to have a hobby.