I am being trolled by Peter B / Luis Touzet - worst customer service ever

I am being stalked and trolled by Luis Touzet of Miami, Florida, USA pretending to be Peter B using an anonymous eternal-september address. This abusive stalking troll has posted my personal information and defamation repeatedly on newsgroups.

He was successful (God knows how!) in having my page frozen for a short time.  Here are my comments to the abuse team at which finally acted after multiple complaints on . The excuse given by an "Official Op" was "As I'm sure you know, we all make simple mistakes from time to time and let's not forget system errors as well." Extremely poor customer service!
I would not recommend to my worst enemy. Its customer support at the abuse team is abysmal and The Official Reps at are more likely to censor your complaints than help you with anything at all. As an ex-Training Manager I find to be the very worst customer service I have ever experienced. There was one person on who had emailed the abuse team 30 to 40 over a period of months and still didn't get a reply.  Complaints are regularly taken off this site. Don't bother using the "Report a problem" tag - they don't want to hear about it. I myself got a warning "Abuse of Community. User reported." for daring to criticise the abuse team and the "Official Reps" none of whom seem to understand good customer service. I was also told "Don't expect a reply from the abuse team during business hours." When DO the abuse team work then?  Is it whenever they feel like it? also remove your site if it is inactive for 90 days - Don't bother to go on a holiday for an extended amount of time! You won't have your site there when you return.

I totally agree with the criticism of at and .  Stay way from!

It would seem so bloody obvious to anyone that the information below could easily be dealt with in an instant by the abuse team at if they had any commonsense.  There was never a TOS violation in the first place.  The abuse team obviously can't read Plain English.

> We have received notice that content on your site is in violation of our
> Term-of-Service and possibly a violation of legal code. To review our
> terms, please go to
> The complaint received stated that content on your site contains
> information of a personal nature pertaining to another individual without
> their permission.
> Such complaints generally include the posting of a full name, an address,
> phone number, or other contact information, or images of the individual
> without their
> permission.

Has any one actually READ the few paragraphs on my web page that I wrote? It seems not!

I have been stalked and trolled by a ANONYMOUS troll called Peter B using an anonymous remailer through eternal-september who has repeatedly posted MY full name, an address, phone number, email address and images without MY permission on MULTIPLE sites and abused me on MY sites.

All I stated about this abusive stalking troll was:
- Name: Peter B (NOT a full name as I do not know his full name)
- The fact that he lives in a motorhome (no address)
- The fact that he is a pentecostal who believes that people are regularly raised from the dead in the USA, that Jesus teleported and that people can walk through walls.
- Asked for information if anyone knew about this troll so I could complain to his real ISP.

There was NOT a full name, an address, phone number, email address and images ANY where concerning this abusive stalking troll so the complaint is FALSE. All you had to do was READ the page to realise that!

As a professional educator, former School Principal and Training Manager, I fail to understand where there is any abuse or violation in your Terms of  Service in the above information.  Please tell me where it is.

You are revictimising the victim and rewarding an abusive anonymous stalking troll by closing down my web page.  I have far more to complain about regarding the abusive stalking troll whom you are believing.

What is this trolls ISP? If he has contacted you with a complaint then you would know. Please supply the ISP that I need to contact in order to report this trolls abusive behaviour which is ongoing and continuous on my other sites

> We ask that you remove all content that may be a violation, or make sure
> that you have permission by the individual to post this content online.

That would be easy IF you hadn't blocked my WHOLE site.  It is now IMPOSSIBLE for me to remove it as a result.

I will be posting your actions on all my sites including Facebook and telling everyone of your support for an abusive anonymous stalking troll's complaints over your victimised stalked customer.

*[ I was eventually told, after multiple questions with no reply, that you can edit your frozen page from . I also changed my user name to "Totally dissatisfied with's Customer Service"" Will they get the hint?  I doubt it.]